Clark introduces range of new electric four-wheel forklifts

Clark has launched a new range of electric four-wheel forklift trucks capable of taking on combustion forklifts, not just in terms of power, but also in terms of cost, according to the manufacturer. The EPXi performs its tasks just as reliably as a comparable diesel or LPG forklift and the cost of purchase is also on par with that of an IC Forklift. The EPXi electric forklift is therefore the quiet and eco-friendly alternative for customers who have so far decided against an electric vehicle, says Clark.

The EPXi electric forklift is the quiet and eco-friendly alternative for customers who have so far decided against an electric vehicle

In many fields of application, which were once considered a purely combustion engine domain, today’s electric forklifts ensure at least the same high efficiency. The reason why many operators still decide against electric vehicles are the often higher procurement costs. With the EPX20i-32i, Clark has now designed an electric forklift that can also match an IC version in terms of price. The vehicle is equipped with just the right solid technology required for heavy handling, and for ergonomic and safe use. Expensive gadgets, which are superfluous for most applications, have been eliminated, thereby creating excellent value for money for the owner.

Reliable all-rounder

The EPX20i-32i counterbalance trucks are available with load capacities from 2.0 to 3.2 tons. As environmentally friendly all-rounders, they score points in indoor and outdoor use, i.e. everywhere where high availability is key, such as in logistics, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the chemicals and plastics industry, and in food retail. These sturdy electric forklifts have a high ground clearance due to their larger front wheels. This is particularly advantageous for use on uneven floors, hall transitions or ramps.

High handling performance and efficiency

Powerful and reliable operation is possible with a low-maintenance 15-kW traction motor. 48 Volt three-phase technology ensures very good acceleration and high top speeds. Thanks to the environmentally friendly and quiet electric motors, the forklifts are ideal for use in mixed areas. Three independent braking systems – electric brake, operating and parking brake – guarantee high operating safety. The electric brake is equipped with a recovery system. This system feeds energy back to the battery every time the brakes are applied, ensuring high efficiency by extending the shift life of the vehicle and conserving power. With the standard ramp function, the truck can be precisely and safely controlled on inclines and loading ramps. The EPXi also scores points in maintenance: Simple on-board diagnosis is possible via error codes. For maintenance work, the back cover can be easily removed, giving quick access to all maintenance and wearing parts.

Using the ergonomic operating levers, the forklift can be precisely controlled

Driver’s comfort and safety

The ergonomic operators compartment offers the driver an intuitive operating concept with the best view of the load and forks. The wide and lowered foot step as well as a hand rail allow the driver easy and safe entry. The foot space is spaciously designed, so that even drivers with large feet wearing safety boots have plenty of room. Thanks to the automotive pedal layout, the vehicle can be operated intuitively and safely. The tilting steering column and the comfort seat can be individually adjusted. Thanks to the raised seating position and the nested rail profiles of the upright, excellent all-round visibility is guaranteed. Using the ergonomic operating levers, the forks can be precisely controlled. An LCD display supplies all necessary information in real time. Two individually programmable operating modes (turtle and normal) allow adaptation to the respective application. Easily accessible storage compartments and the easily accessible parking brake round off the driver’s cab.

Robust design

Just like all Clark vehicles, the EPXi range is designed in line with the tried-and-tested “Built to last” concept. It stands for a solid and functional design with high quality components for reliable operation throughout the life of the forklift. This starts with a fully welded compact frame, continues with the stable steering axle and ends with the robust upright and solid fork carrier construction.

The trucks are available with super-elastic or pneumatic tyres and standard equipment includes two protected headlights, combined rear lights with brake light and reversing lights. Numerous options ensure adaptation to individual use such as non-marking tyres, audible reverse alarm, fork adjustment or side shift, and a driver’s seat with armrests and guards.


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