Connected intralogistics thanks to digital solutions

Digitalisation affords great opportunities for the logistics industry. Digital and connected warehouses simplify processes and increase productivity. Smaller and larger companies alike can profit from digitalisation and connectivity. If properly networked, the digital and physical worlds both form a higher intelligence that significantly optimises processes and takes warehouse productivity to a new level.

Jungheinrich Board Member for Marketing and Sales Christian Erlach explains: “With custom-fit digital solutions, we can make our customers even more successful. And by connecting different kinds of information, we create new solutions that serve to make our customers even more efficient. As a leading systems provider for intelligent intralogistics solutions, we are convinced: The time is here that every company – be they a global player, a mid-sized company or a small business – can digitalise and connect their processes in a way that is profitable and works towards advancing their competitiveness. Jungheinrich can provide them with the most suitable digital solution”.

Telematics box in every truck

Starting in 2019, each Jungheinrich truck comes fitted with an integrated telematics box. Jungheinrich customers are given a comprehensive overview of their trucks and their usage. Existing trucks can be retrofitted. Through this networking of the vehicle fleet, Jungheinrich is able to offer their customer even better service in future. Better and faster information by means of system messages can help minimise downtime. Reaction times are accelerated and the preparations for predictive maintenance are made. Via Call4Service, customers can reach the Jungheinrich customer service at any time – online or through the app – as well as access a complete overview of their open and past service calls.

Fleet management

In cooperation with I.D. Systems, Jungheinrich is releasing a new, comprehensive fleet management this year. This cooperation combines Jungheinrich’s expertise in intralogistics with a tried and tested, comprehensive, and manufacturer-independent fleet management system. The system provides a clear analysis of the fleet data and thereby enables the customer to sustainably increase productivity and safety in his warehouse. It can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and is modularly expandable. A GPS location and the detection of lifting capabilities can be easily integrated. With the business intelligence tool “Power Fleet IQ” it is possible to network the fleet management with existing systems the customer uses, in order to get a cross-site overview of the fleet. This means that Jungheinrich will continue to offer its customers the best possible choice of digital fleet management solutions in the future.

Battery management 2.0

Thanks to battery management 2.0, Jungheinrich makes available to their customers a permanent overview of the status of their lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The new online battery information system allows the detailed evaluation of master data and the reporting of operating errors based on networked SLH 300 chargers. This is how the Jungheinrich battery management 2.0 system contributes to increasing battery longevity and cost savings.

Energy management

By means of this new energy management system, Jungheinrich customers will be able to actively control charging energy consumption in future. Thanks to this intelligent system, it is possible to utilise lithium-ion batteries in places where existing power grids could not support them before – even without having to adapt the electrical infrastructure of the warehouse. The Jungheinrich chargers of type SLH 300 make it possible for the customer’s overall system to react more quickly to changing power loads. Through this intelligent charging, the availability and longevity of lithium-ion batteries is increased, while unnecessary costs can be avoided.


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