ContiTech works with Jungheinrich on new spare parts centre

Automotive supplier ContiTech is building a new logistics centre for its international spare parts business in Langenhagen near Hanover, Germany. The company has commissioned Jungheinrich to implement the project. The scope of supply comprises an automated miniload warehouse, software, conveyor technology with goods receipt and order picking workstations as well as a manual warehouse area including several fork lift trucks.


Ralf Zempel, logistics project leader at ContiTech explains: “It is very beneficial for us to have a partner by our side such as Jungheinrich, who as general contractor is able to supply all components of the warehouse from a single source.”
The  automated miniload warehouse has a capacity of 23,232  storage locations. Four Jungheinrich Miniloads STC are used here. With a travel speed of 6 metres per second, these are regarded as the most powerful stacker cranes for miniload warehouses in their class. The innovative design of the travel rail and the Omega drive system – which is integrated in the base of the mast to save space – give the  Miniload the lowest approach dimensions in its class.

“Although the tender initially provided for the construction of a five-aisle warehouse, Jungheinrich has succeeded in reducing the number of aisles by one while retaining the same overall warehouse capacity thanks to its use of double-depth crossways storage,” describes Zempel.Warehouse management for the entire logistics centre is controlled via a SAP Extended Warehouse Management System, which is included in Jungheinrich’s scope of supply. The automated miniload warehouse supplies six order picking workstations via conveyor technology. The multi-bay racking broad aisle warehouse with a total of 25 aisles has 12,588 pallet storage locations. In this area, ContiTech relies on new lithium-ion trucks from Jungheinrich. These include eight Jungheinrich ETV 214 reach trucks, nine EKS 210 medium/high level order pickers and 14 ERD 220 electric pedestrian pallet trucks.


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