Countdown for IFOY entry 2017 has started…

The entry phase for the IFOY AWARD is approaching home stretch. Manufacturers of warehouse and material handling trucks as well as the providers of intralogistics services and software can enter their new vehicles and solutions for the leading international intralogistics award up to November 18, 2016. The machines and solutions that come through what is known to be the toughest selection procedure of all can claim to belong to the crème de la crème.

The total of eight categories covers virtually all areas of intralogistics. Besides the two traditional forklift categories ‘Counter Balanced Trucks up to 3.5 tons’ and ‘Counter Balanced Trucks over 3.5 tons’, the ‘Special Vehicle’ category is open to special-purpose vehicles, container stackers, transportable forklifts or heavy-load forklifts with capacities of over eight tons.

Both ‘Warehouse Truck highlifter’ and ‘Warehouse Truck lowlifter’ are for trucks with a lifting height of below and above six meters. In addition, shuttle vehicles are also admitted to the category ‘Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)’.

The category ‘Intralogistics Solutions’ does not focus on the vehicles but on planning and implementation expertise. The competition is open to successfully implemented integrated warehouse concepts or intralogistics systems or software solutions, such as warehouse management systems, logistics software, forklift guidance, driver assistant or fleet management systems, always within the context of a specific application.

The category ‘Special of the Year’ is new in this year’s competition. This category emphasizes on outstanding technical details or components that significantly improve cost efficiency, sustainability or the physical or psychological conditions for the user. Examples include ergonomic innovations like driver cabins or control elements, safety assistant solutions, automation components or new drive technologies.

Intralogistics providers can register for the competition at


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