Egemin delivers its third AutoStore system in France

Investing in an automated AutoStore order picking system is not limited to large groups. Today, it is possible to make a limited investment this solution with a few hundred thousand euros. It is in any case the choice of a small French SME specialising in textile distribution via e-commerce, which was facing a strong growth in sales. Egemin Automation will implement an AutoStore solution for this SME, the first AutoStore installation for Egemin in France after two installations in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The system will be commissioned in January 2017.

The solution designed by Egemin includes a storage grid consisting of 12 storage levels and 6 storage robots. It has a total height of 6.2 m, and a length and width of 12 m and accommodates 4,300 bins in total. The maximum payload per bin is 30 kg. Two carousels ports have been integrated in the system to present the bins to the operators: one for picking purposes and another one for bin replenishment. The system is designed to operate 8 hours a day, handling 170 bins per an hour, which represents about 8,000 articles daily. In this configuration, the customer can prepare on average 300 orders daily. Noting an increase in sales of 20% each year, the customer will have the opportunity to double the storage capacity of its warehouse, while retaining the same storage space.


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