Electric or IC? Choosing the right Hyster forklift for your application


Electric or IC? Choosing the right Hyster® forklift for different application needs

While diesel and LPG IC trucks are the ideal choice for many applications, electric forklifts are increasingly being used in tough and outdoor operations. 

“Several features are responsible for some businesses switching to electrics, such as improved efficiency, particularly in terms of battery power, and the associated low cost of ownership, including maintenance costs,” explains Karen Calver, Product Manager for Hyster. “Electric trucks are also becoming even more economical than previous models and allow environmentally friendly, zero emissions operation.”
“However, for many, internal combustion (IC) trucks are still a great option – they are far cleaner and more fuel efficient than ever – so truck selection ultimately comes down to the specific application requirements.”

Lower Cost of Ownership

Four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks in the Hyster® J2.2-3.5XN range are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be a cost-effective choice because the cost of ownership is significantly lower after the purchase price of the batteries. The trucks require less maintenance due to lower maintenance intervals and less wear on tyres, as gentler acceleration eliminates wheelspin.


With two 10 KW AC motors for the front-wheel drive, these four-wheel electric forklift trucks can travel at high speeds and change direction quickly. They are also agile, precise to manoeuvre and can be used in very tight spaces.
The efficiency of today’s electric trucks is apparent in the Hyster® E4.0-5.5XN range which in terms of acceleration, torque and lifting capacity, are just as powerful as a comparable combustion engine truck.

Tough Outdoors

The powerful trucks in the Hyster J1.6-3.5XN series are available with different weather protection options. These include panels fixed to the overhead guard, efficiently adjustable fan heaters for heating in cold weather and ventilation in hot weather, and all steel cabs.

Energy Efficiency

Featuring an Eco-eLo mode, which reduces energy consumption during intensive use while maintaining high power, the Hyster 4-5.5T models have some of the lowest energy consumptions in their class. This reduces cost of ownership and significantly decreases maintenance costs.

Lithium ION Innovation

Hyster recently previewed a J8.0XN forklift truck, claiming it is the first time an 8 tonne electric truck can deliver ‘near ICE performance’.  Achieving 100% charge in just two hours, it has the endurance to support three shift operations.
The innovative truck combines Lithium ION with high voltage systems and superior motor technology and provides similar performance to the Hyster® LPG equivalent in most normal paper, timber and steel applications, giving businesses the option for zero emissions and quieter operations.

Efficient IC Trucks

“Some of the biggest developments in recent years have been on electric trucks, but IC trucks have also developed” says Karen Calver.
“For example, the new Hyster® XT series is perfectly suited to many everyday applications and gives businesses even greater opportunity to specify a forklift that meets their operational needs and their budget,” Karen continues.
Built using proven, high quality Hyster® components, the Hyster® H2.0–3.0XT series is available with either diesel, LPG or dual fuel engines to give maximum uptime that businesses can depend on, while offering a continued low cost of ownership. The XT series also provides an opportunity for businesses to tailor the truck to meet specific site challenges, with options for customising the XT straight from the factory.

A Solution for Any Application

“Hyster® IC trucks are durable, powerful and offer a low cost of ownership, making them the ideal choice for many.  Operations have lots of choice from Hyster as either electrics or IC trucks can now suit many specific, intense applications,” says Karen.

For more information visit www.hyster.eu or talk to your local dealer.


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