Finalists IFOY Awards 2018 distinguished in advance

Six logistics companies are entitled to call themselves’ Best in Intralogistics’. These are BYD, Jungheinrich, Liebherr, Still, Gebr. Debt, Wegard and Witron.  They passed the IFOY Test Days in Hanover at the beginning of February. The companies mentioned are also the finalists for the IFOY Awards.

During the IFOY Test Days, the finalists of the IFOY Awards are tested annually. For the first time this year, the finalists were also awarded the’ Best in Intralogistics’ certificate.  This certificate rewards the innovative and technical quality of the companies.

The ‘most difficult’ test

The six finalists successfully passed the IFOY audit. It is called the’ most difficult intralogistics test in the world’. The IFOY audit lasts a week and includes several tests. It is important to note that nominees are not compared with each other, but with similar suppliers and products on the market.

Innovation or not? 

An important part of the test is the scientific IFOY Innovation Check. Three aspects are central to this: market relevance, customer benefit and execution, especially in terms of innovation. In a test hall, scientists check the innovative products and devices notified by manufacturers. They also assess whether the innovations are real innovations or merely further developments.
This scientific check is carried out by three universities:
The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund; the chair for Technical Logistics at the University of Dresden and the chair for Machine Elementen and Technical Logistics at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

Practical test 

In addition to the scientific test, there is also a practical IFOY test. This is performed by the Dutch specialist and journalist Theo Egberts. He measures the hard facts and compares the entries with competing products and devices. In doing so, they are subjected to individual tests tailored to their practical use.
The investigation shall be conducted in accordance with the IFOY test protocol. This includes approximately 80 criteria divided into five components: economic efficiency, energy efficiency, durability, safety and ergonomics. For objectivity, the tests are carried out in a hall with identical environmental conditions for all candidates.

Award IFOY Awards 

The results of the IFOY Test are used to inform the more than 30 international jury members. They also assess the finalists, after which they give their final verdict. The winners will be announced on the opening day of the CeMAT and the Hanover Messe on Monday 23 April 2018.


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