High-lift truck with lithium-ion technology

Clark has launched a new high-lift pallet truck onto the market. The efficient and versatile PSX16 pedestrian stacker with foldable ride-on platform and side protection bars is suitable for the economical transport of goods over longer distances as well as for the storage and retrieval of goods on higher racking levels. For particularly intensive applications, the PSX16 is also available with a lithium-ion battery. It truck can then be used wherever operators want to benefit from the advantages of this technology, such as easy handling and free from maintenance, the intermediate charging capability or the gassing-free recharging of the battery. With the PSX16, Clark presents its first high-lift pallet truck with li-ion battery and expands the product range in the field of li-ion vehicles once again.

The powerful lift motor and proportional hydraulic system ensure smooth and precise lifting and lowering of loads at lifting heights of up to 5.8 m.

With a load capacity of 1,600 kg, servo steering as standard, a battery capacity of up to 375 Ah of the lead-acid version as well as a side battery removal system, the electric high-lift truck PSX16 offers everything needed for demanding use in industry, distribution and trade.

Robust and powerful

The truck is characterised by a robust design and intuitive operation. Thanks to compact dimensions and a small turning radius, the unit is ideally suited for applications in space-critical work areas and pedestrian operation. For this purpose, both the stand-on platform and the side bars can be folded away. In pedestrian mode, the travel speed is reduced, enabling precise manoeuvring. The powerful lift motor and the proportional hydraulic system ensure smooth and precise lifting and lowering of loads at lifting heights of up to 5.8 m. The 4-point support system allows the lift to be positioned at any height. With the aid of the 4-point support, the operator achieves a high residual capacity with the PSX16. The modern drive motor in three-phase AC technology guarantees a high degree of efficiency with powerful acceleration and fast change of direction. Thanks to the excellent energy balance of the PSX16, the operator can look forward to low operating costs.

Ergonomic and safe load handling

For easy and ergonomic ascent and descent, Clark has designed the platform step height to be very low at only 160 mm. Good all-round visibility ensures that the operator always has the fork tips and load in view. On longer transport routes and in curves, he benefits from side guards with a soft-grip surface that ensure a comfortable grip. The operator can activate the side guards without leaving the truck. The operator’s spine is relieved by the spring-loaded, low-vibration ride-on platform. The driver can thus cover even longer distances without stress. For a high level of safety, the speed is automatically reduced when cornering. The truck has roll-back protection for safe use on gentle slopes. The standard mast damping system allows the operator to store and retrieve goods safely and without jolts. The ergonomic tiller is equally suitable for right- and left-handers. The display integrated in the frame provides information about the battery charge level, operating hours, and error code messages.

Li-ion power for intensive applications

The PSX16 high-lift pallet truck is also available as a li-ion version with a battery voltage of 205 Ah for particularly intensive operations or in multi-shift use. The high energy density of the battery enables high driving performance and availability without the hassle of changing the battery. The Li-Ion battery guarantees extremely short charging times. A 24/7 truck availability can be achieved by fast intermediate charging during break times without limiting the battery life. To do this, simply connect the external charger to the battery. No high-voltage connection is required. The battery can be recharged at any 230-volt socket. Battery and charger in the li-ion version are optimally matched to each other, and the built-in battery management system ensures safe operation.

In addition, the operator benefits from numerous advantages that have a positive effect on operating costs: Compared to the lead-acid battery, the li-ion battery has a longer service life. There is no additional expense for maintenance work, as the li-ion battery is maintenance-free. Intermediate charging can be carried out without the need for a special charging room and the charging location does not need to be ventilated as there is no gassing. Clark uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which have a safe cell chemistry. Thus, using the li-ion battery is also a good choice from an ecological point of view.


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