Jungheinrich extends hydrodynamic drive series

Just two years after the launch of its series 3 and 4 hydrodynamic drive counterbalance trucks, Jungheinrich launched an “upward” extension of its robust diesel and LPG series. Featuring lifting capacities of 4, 4.5 and 5 tonnes, these universally applicable stackers with torque converters provide for high throughput rates. The strengths of this hydrodynamic stacker are particularly pronounced over medium and long outdoor travel routes, featuring a soft, gentle approach and an ideal degree of efficiency at medium and high speeds. The trucks’ globally tried and tested Kubota industrial engines have high torque even at low revs. The benefits include a reduction in fuel consumption and  a minimum of noise. These robust and mature engines were especially designed for forklifts, providing maximum reliability over many years of use.

The efficiency-optimised Jungheinrich transmission shaft features an integrated non-wear wet multi-disc brake characterised by its high reliability and low service costs compared with standard drum brakes. Thanks to the encapsulated design, brake performance is not diminished by harsh external conditions. This ensures the stacker is well equipped to handle dust and varying climate zones.

The special Jungheinrich counterbalance design, which involves keeping the centre of gravity low and centred between the front and rear axles, ensures high residual lifting capacities even at great lift heights plus an unusually high degree of vehicle stability – both dynamically and at rest. This high vehicle stability, even during dynamic travel, is made possible by a reduction in pendulum motion thanks to the high pivot point of the steering axle, guaranteeing a high level of passive safety and reduced tipping risk – even without the use of electronic assistance systems.

Advantages of ergonomic and easy operation

The driver workspace is functionally designed, affording generous legroom thanks to the narrow and easily adjustable steering column. The driver seat is well cushioned and offers numerous adjustment options for fatigue-free work.  The driver enjoys an ideal view an all directions – made possible by the compact mast which has been optimised for visibility in terms of the hose and chain guides as well as two transparent windows in the free lift cylinder cross-member.

To improve driving comfort and reduce human vibration, the drive train is cushion mounted. The footwell is moreover fitted with a vibration-absorbing foot mat and the driver protection roof is vibration-decoupled. This set of features provides the driver with the ideal prerequisites for safe and focused work to achieve high turnover throughout the shift.

Easy repair and maintenance

Essential core structural elements, such as the mast, frame and steering axle, are manufactured at the Jungheinrich Moosburg plant. Thanks to the high-quality robust parts, wear-free wet disc brakes and easy access to the motor compartment, maintenance of the entire vehicle is quick, easy and inexpensive. This is especially appreciated by users in countries with a less dense service network and where cost factors are key. The truck can thus be maintained without expert knowledge, special tools or vehicle diagnostics software. The vehicle’s electric system is splash-proof and its fuse box is mounted on the console wall, making it readily accessible at all times. All vehicles are moreover fitted with an enclosed high-performance cooling system with combi cooler, making it possible  to operate the stacker even under high ambient temperatures.


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