Linde adds new driver’s seat trucks to warehouse range

From long-distance transport, rack storage and retrieval to the loading and unloading of freight trucks: Linde Material Handling’s new driver’s seat trucks featuring load capacities from 1.2 to 2.5 tons make goods movement more comfortable and productive. This is achieved by the allocation of a generous amount of work space as well as a wide range of optional equipment features. The addition of new trucks marks the completion of the comprehensive overhaul of Linde’s portfolio of driver’s seat and stand-on platform trucks. With a total of 19 models, the company now offers by far the most extensive range on the market.

“Our aim is to align our industrial trucks as closely as possible to the processes of our customers. But these are changing with time,” explains Toufik Oussou, Product Manager Warehouse Trucks at Linde Material Handling. For this reason, the product range of pallet trucks and stackers has been successively renewed and expanded over the past year and a half. The third and final stage now consists of driver’s seat pallet trucks and pallet stackers in the load capacity range from 1.2 to 2.5 tons.
These vehicles boast a particularly generously dimensioned chassis. With a width of 970 millimetres, it gives the driver a high degree of freedom of movement. A comfortable driver’s seat – which is also available with seat heating and a headrest upon request – combats premature fatigue. The sensitive fingertip controls feature ensures fast and precise load handling: The driver controls all fork and mast functions using the thumb and index finger; precise movements are possible even when wearing gloves. The warehouse trucks are recommended especially for use in extensive logistics and production areas.

New functions for improved performance

In terms of performance, the new T20/25 RW pallet trucks, D12 RW double stackers and L14/16 RW pallet stackers (R=driver’s seat, W=wide version) offer the impressive option of fork raising or lowering while driving, thus accelerating storage and retrieval processes.
Added to this is the high seating position of the driver and the range of vision through the mast profiles. Designed for optimized visibility, they provide an excellent view of the driving path and load, which ensures maximum safety. The Linde Load Management system is recommended wherever heavy and frequently changing loads are involved. This assistance system shows the most important load data to the operator on a coloured display. Thus, drivers always know what weight is currently on the load arms and up to what height they may safely lift the load. The driver’s seat trucks are powered either by proven lead-acid batteries or by a combination of lithium-ion battery and decentralized charger for fast intermediate charging, which is becoming an increasingly popular option for customers. In addition, the “connect” fleet management system is available for all trucks. This modular data system regulates access to the vehicle, records shocks and impacts and analyses vehicle usage in order to subsequently derive operational optimizations.

Depending on the application, the industrial trucks further prove their worth with further special features. Linde D12 RW double stackers with 1.2 tons of load capacity, for example, are equipped with Linde Speed Management. This assistance system calculates the maximum speed at which safe working is ensured when transporting two pallets depending on the load on the main lift. In this way, handling performance and safety can be increased.
Other highlights include a large number of different mast designs offering lift heights of up to 6.2 meters, as well as a quick lift function that increases the lifting speed by up to 33 percent if required. As in the case of the double stacker, the Linde L14 RW and L16 RW pallet stackers with 1.4 and 1.6 tons load capacity can also be supplied with the tried-and-tested Linde BlueSpot, while the T20 RW and T25 RW pallet trucks can be equipped with powerful headlamps for use in poorly lit working environments.


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