LMxt by A-SIS key tool for service provider LSE

A-SIS, a Savoye Division brand (Legris Industries Group), has just implemented LMxt through its partner, the IT consulting and service provision firm Klocel, at the new provider’s site, LSE (Logistics Services Europe) – a specialist in retail logistics- situated in Vénissieux, France.

The firms have been collaborating for years. This is no doubt why Akim Lamrani, founder of LSE, an industrial retail order preparation firm, looked to A-SIS, the supply chain software solution publisher, and its WMS LMxt to equip its single-client warehouse in Venissieux (69). It’s a three-way partnership and relationship of trust as LMxt was integrated and parametrised by the consulting and service provision firm Klocel. As a loyal A-SIS partner throughout his professional career, Akim Lamrani quickly thought of LMxt to undertake this new project. Created out of virtually nothing in June 2016, LSE is positioned as a specialist in multi-reference order preparation in a single parcel for a single client. Thus, the retail logistics provider is handling reception, storage and 24 hour retail order preparation on behalf of its client Orexad, a specialist in professional industrial furnishings, from its single-client site in Vénissieux, just outside Lyon.

A complex project, rolled out in record time

In order to optimise its logistics, Orexad, which was already equipped with WMS by A-SIS at its central site in Ploisy (02), wanted to outsource a portion of its activities through a provider that would be capable of using the same computing tools and adapting it to its site in Lyon with unprecedented speed and ease, proving A-SIS flexibility. To do so, LSE took over operations at the old site in August along with a portion of the client’s personnel and started all over from zero to resolve the problems in just six weeks. And with good reason because Orexad, the IPH Group subsidiary and pure-player in industrial provision, has an extremely heterogeneous catalogue of products comprised of ephemeral references as well as hazardous goods. LSE thus processes some 40,000 references from 800 suppliers, 2,000 pallets and 1,500 orders a day at its 6,000 m2 Vénissieux site. It is all dispatched through 150 agencies within 24 hours anywhere in France. “With the implementation of WMS LMxt by A-SIS and the LM DGM module dedicated to managing regulatory constraints related to the storage and transport of hazardous products, we now have a complete tool for same-day retail picking irrespective of the reference handled. LMxt is a tool that adapts to what is happening; not the opposite: its flexibility has allowed us to meet our client’s needs in just a few weeks,” says Akim LAMRANI, founder of LSE. Orders are then handled via three shipping options: by taxi for the most urgent deliveries, in 24 hours or by charter. LMxt also makes it possible for LSE to supply a certain number of details to its clients daily such as the number of lines received, the orders and parcels processed, their weight and contents, the shipping means, all with an hourly timed preparation status, full product traceability and KPI’s to continuously improve their processes.


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