New Jungheinrich AGV for Sauer Polymertechnik

Sauer Polymertechnik has commissioned Jungheinrich to implement a logistics systems solution at its production location in Föritztal, Germany. The order includes an automated guided vehicle system (AGV) with eleven of Jungheinrich’s new automated trucks ERC 213a, which will take care of material flow between production and a high-bay warehouse in two halls.

Via the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface, the automated trucks are connected to the warehouse management system (WMS), which Jungheinrich also provides. The automated guided vehicles will service more than 150 stations in total. The routes of the automated  trucks are up to 870 m long. The AGVs will perform over 100 transport tasks per hour at Sauer.

Latest model

The ERC 213a is the latest model in the Jungheinrich AGV portfolio. With its compact design, the automated truck is especially suited for automated transport processes in narrow environments. The ERC 213a also has a high level of availability thanks to modern lithium-ion technology. The 2.8 kW three-phase motor ensures constant performance, while the electronically controlled lift motor enables gentle, quiet hoisting of loads of up to 4,400 mm. With its steel frame and closed structure, the ERC 213a features a particularly robust design.

Safety as standard

Safety systems, such as the personal protection scanner that comes as standard in this series, check the route for obstacles during operation. The new configuration of the personal protection scanner around the automated truck ensures contactless safety in the drive direction, load direction and while turning corners. Navigation is controlled by laser. Reflectors on the route or a combination of reflectors and environment markers are used for this.

Jungheinrich developed the ERC 213a based on series-produced trucks that have a vast amount of experience in operations. One benefit of our proven truck technology for our automation customers is the high level of availability of spare parts. The AGV can easily be integrated into existing IT structures or used as a stand-alone system.

Fully automated

Sauer Polymertechnik’s current order follows the construction of a fully automated high-bay warehouse for pallets in 2015. This includes the double-depth, 130-metre long, 23.5-metre wide and 38-metre high shelving system in a rack-supported structure, conveyor systems including centring stations, double pallet stackers and pallet labelling machines, fire protection doors, a stage and three stacker cranes with telescopic forks from the Jungheinrich subsidiary MIAS. In addition, all of the software and IT used in the warehouse is from Jungheinrich, and consists of control technology and a WMS with integrated material flow calculator.


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