New side battery exchange for Hystrer electric trucks

Side battery exchange is now an option on selected Hyster 1.5T – 3.5T electric counterbalance trucks.  Exchange takes just a few minutes, helping multi-shift applications.

“The new side battery extraction option is simple and convenient and will suit many manufacturing and logistics applications”, says Phil Ireland, Senior Product Manager, Counterbalance Solutions for Hyster. Side battery exchange trucks is fast and efficient in order to minimise downtime and help keep trucks working for longer. This new variation means that there is now a choice of five different battery exchange methods across a selection of 48V and 80V Hyster electric forklifts.

To coincide with the new side exchange option, a Hyster powered battery exchange stacker has also been launched. Predominantly for customers with no existing infrastructure to allow battery exchange, the Hyster S2.4 HBE provides one easy to use exchange tool that works with all battery sizes used on Hyster 1.5T-3.5T electric counterbalance trucks.
Using the specially designed stacker truck, the battery sits in a battery tray which is lifted in and out of the counterbalance truck as one. The battery and tray can then be placed down on to a battery stand while it is recharged.  This option, which still works when a lift truck is at full tyre wear, ensures that exchange can be achieved in just a few minutes. The stacker also features an on-board charger to allow the truck to be handily charged in any power socket.

Uninterrupted access to the side of the truck also makes changing the battery easier than ever for those who wish to do so using a separate forklift. The battery can be accessed via the hinged, 180° fold-back door which locks open on the J1.5-2.0XNT and J1 .6-2.0XN series, or the 150° hinged opening door on the J2.2-3.5XN.
Virtually any standard forklift truck can remove the battery sitting in its tray with ease by using the fork pockets in the truck frame – the battery tray has ‘feet’ that prevent the battery from moving once in position.
Businesses that have already made the investment in the necessary roller beds and ancillary equipment will also benefit from easy access to the side of the trucks.  Whereas for those who have already installed an overhead crane or prefer to use fork lifting eyes, Hyster electric forklift trucks can still be specified with vertical battery exchange.

Side battery exchange is available on the J1.5-2.0XNT series and the four wheeled J1.6-2.0XN and J2.2-3.5XN series’ and is an example of the wide range of power options available from Hyster.


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