Still presents electrotechnology at a new level

Powerful performance, high availability and sound ergonomics – without emissions

Anything but exhaust gases. By launching the RX 60 electric forklift truck with a load capacity of 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes Still presents the latest member of the RX 60 family and writes a new chapter in the history of electric forklift trucks in its anniversary year. For the first time, customers who primarily handle loads indoors, but also have to transport heavy loads outdoors, can also benefit from the electrifying advantages of the RX 60 series. In addition to its agility, manoeuvrability and high driving comfort, the compact 80 Volt electric forklift truck impresses with its outstanding handling performance and high availability – and all this without exhaust fumes. Still is thus opening up a new perspective for even more companies when it comes to designing their truck fleet, whether in terms of performance, cost, environmental compatibility or efficiency of use.

Using resources optimally and efficiently is inherent to the DNA of the Hamburg-based forklift truck manufacturer. Ever since the company was founded 100 years ago, (almost) everything has revolved around the innovative combination of electrical energy and mobility – as well as a pioneering spirit and passion for progress with a clear eye for current market requirements. In the post-war period it was the lack of fuel combined with the growing mobility of the economy that brought great success – first in 1946 with the Still electric cart EK 2000 and only a few years later with the first Still electric forklift truck EGS 1000. Numerous successful forklift truck series later, it is still the clear focus on customer and industry needs that is at the centre of the latest product development by Still in 2020: powerful performance and ergonomics combined with high energy efficiency and the possibility of implementing “zero emission” in internal logistics.

Dynamic power pack for any application

The Still Performance System stands for the intelligent linking of all hardware and software components for the lift and travel drive. As a result, the new RX 60-35/50 is a well matched package of powerful drive components and sensitive operating functions. Within the series, seven different vehicle variants are available to customers with a load centre of 500 mm as standard, or 600 mm upon request. Furthermore, both lead acid batteries and lithium-ion technology are available. A high-performance variant is available in all weight classes, which excels in demanding application profiles with even more handling capacity, more power and acceleration.

As early as 2019, an independent test certified that the little brother of the new series, the RX 60-25 with a load capacity of 2.5 tonnes, ranked among the best in direct electric forklift truck competition with a handling performance and gradeability on a par with a comparable diesel forklift truck. The successful drive concept was transferred to the new RX 60 up to 5.0 tonnes. This is made possible by two powerful encapsulated three-phase drive motors with active cooling in the front axle. In the high performance version, the two 11 kW motors provide even more power. They increase the drive motor output by 46 percent compared to the predecessor. As both motors are driven even at full steering angle, the truck is particularly manoeuvrable. Demand-driven active cooling ensures high thermal stability even at maximum handling performance. Robust and maintenance-free fans cool the encapsulated components of the power electronics as well as the lift and drive motors via temperature control, and all this without filters.

Compact marvel in range and high availability

The RX 60 is not only lively and 20km/h fast, it also has great stamina. No matter what the application, you can rely on its availability. This is due to the quick start mode and the automatic spring-loaded parking brake, but also to the intuitive Still Easy Control on-board computer. This enables the truck to be ready for operation in a matter of seconds and the driver immediately has a clear and convenient overview of all relevant performance functions and truck information.

Thanks to its low consumption and a battery capacity of 930 Ah (59.5 kWh), or up to 118.4 kWh in the Li-Ion version of the RX 60-50, the power pack can easily cope with two shifts in a row without interim charging. And when it is time for a battery change, the now proven lateral battery door literally opens up new perspectives. The 4 mm thick steel door of the RX 60-35/50 can now also be easily opened 180 degrees to the rear, and the battery can be changed by just one person using an electric pallet truck, saving space, time, energy and resources.  Optionally, an integrated built-in charger provides even more flexibility for quick and easy interim charging during work.

An ergonomic workplace

An ergonomically designed workplace as a component of efficient value creation and thus satisfied and healthy employees is becoming more and more important in the context of sustainable corporate concepts and an increasing shortage of skilled workers. The driver’s visibility and all-round vision play an important role in this context. And the larger the loads, the more important and at the same time more difficult it is to have the load well in sight. This is where the RX 60 stands out with its low front body and the well designed placement of controls and displays. Above all, however, the mast profiles designed for optimum visibility create an extra large field of vision on the transported goods and past the mast.

The RX 60-35/50 also benefits from the successful concept of the RX 60 series in terms of comfort and safety. The driver’s cab not only has 16 mm more headroom than its predecessor, its footwell is also particularly spacious. For a fatigue-free leg position for the driver, it is about one hand’s width wider than the predecessor and also offers sufficient freedom of movement for feet up to shoe size 50. For greater safety and comfort when getting on and off the vehicle, the enlarged step has an additional non-slip edge. The ergonomically shaped battery cover also provides comfort: even with the seat adjusted to the maximum rearward position, the calves do not touch it. The pedal position alleviates strain on the legs and allows an unimpeded movement between the accelerator and brake pedals.

Intelligent energy management

Choosing the “right” forklift truck is nowadays much more than a decision for brand and tonnage. Rather, it is a matter of organising internal logistics efficiently and with a view to adding value within the framework of the respective corporate circumstances. The choice of the right energy system plays a major role in this. This can vary depending on the application profile and individual perspective – e.g. total operating costs, sustainability, digitalisation or service. In addition to lead-acid batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly important. In the context of European policy, which aims at a radical reduction of CO2 emissions from heavy commercial vehicles by 2030, they conserve resources by increasing the efficiency of the overall system. They are therefore sustainable with almost unlimited availability and can be charged quickly. With the RX 60 with a load capacity of up to 5 tonnes, another segment of the forklift truck market is now given the opportunity to consider electric forklifts in their energy management and to benefit from their numerous advantages overall.

Check out the videos of the new STILLRX 60-35/50 here:


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