Still proves lean logistics competence

The company Still will showcase itself under the motto ‘Simply Smart’ at CeMAT 2016, the world’s leading intralogistics trade fair taking place in Hanover, Germany, from 31 May to 3 June. In Pavilion 35 in the outdoor area, Still will show innovations in the areas of forklift truck, warehousing and materials flow technology. The LiftRunner tugger train system, a lean logistics solution, will be one of the highlights.

As well as various towing trucks and types of frames and trolleys, STILL will show an automated system for loading and unloading trolleys. This saves the operator at the loading point the need to climb on and off the truck.

In 2015, by acquiring LR Intralogistik, a specialist for forklift-free intralogistics material transport using tugger train elements, Still strengthened its know-how in process-oriented material flow concepts, including automated solutions. One of the outcomes is the LiftRunner tugger train system, which can be optimally customised to specific operational situations and focuses on process reliability, cost efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Still LiftRunner (2)

A LiftRunner tugger train system consists of a towing truck (e.g. a tractor in the CX-T, LTX or R 07 model series) and a flexible combination of various tugger train elements such as train-mounted trailers to accommodate trolleys, the so-called LiftRunner B-, E- and C-frames, and trolleys loaded with all kinds of load carriers or products. The trolleys are pushed into the Still LiftRunner frames and secured. Depending on the coupling direction, they can be loaded from the right or left (E- and C-frames), or from both sides (B-frames), so there is no need to change the coupling of the frames. When the driver enters the towing truck, the trolleys are automatically raised. This not only protects the rollers but also reduces driving noise. The required lifting energy is provided pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically via the towing truck and also autonomously via the frame. There is no need for the operator to exert any physical force. The frames lower automatically when the operator leaves the towing truck, and the trolleys can be removed without any risk to his back. The trolleys are fitted with polyamide rollers to minimise rolling resistance, so heavy loads can be moved more easily.

Still LiftRunner (1)

With a wide range of trolleys and STILL LiftRunner frames, tugger trains can be assembled in a needs-based, time- and space-saving way to supply parts to a number of decentrally organised fabrication points in a single tour. This is based on the so-called milk-run principle, i.e. materials in a variety of load carriers are conveyed to the assembly points just-in-time, and finished components are carried away. The factory operator not only saves expensive logistics space, but can also reduce stock levels and energy consumption, as well as decreasing the risk of accidents through a smaller volume of traffic.



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