Test: Hyster H2.5 XT – Basic instinct

Basic instinct

With the brand new XT-range Hyster also has its own budget trucks. Good for regular usage, but without all premium features that top model Fortens has to offer. The test with the H2.5XT with LPG engine proves that the new Hyster more than complies with all basic requirements for a good truck.

Hyster introduced this summer the XT-series on the world market. The XT is a Hyster at heart. Designed for regular work and about 20% more economically priced than the models of the Fortens series. Hyster XT-series offers three models with 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 lifting capacity and is available with a Yanmar diesel or PSI LPG engine. The trucks are built in Hyster-Yale factory in Craigavon in Northern Ireland. We tested the H2.5XT with LPG engine to see what the new model has to offer.


The differences with the Hyster Fortens top model are visible on the outside. We see a little less complicated construction of the chassis and the guard. The XT is more “straightforward” and is equipped with economic tires of the Trelleborg range. The mast is controlled by mechanical levers and the dashboard and instruments are kept basic.
The mast itself also come from the Northern Ireland plant and has another mount of the tilt cylinders than the Fortens range. Underneath we find a PSI LPG engine adapted to standards of Hyster to achieve the best possible environmental and energy consumption scores. The traditional torque converter is also of own production, but less advanced than the intelligent Fortens transmission who has had closed oil bath brakes and is really meant for a tough 24/7 job. With its classic drum brakes the XT remarkably performs well. The parking brake is mechanically and disconnect the drive 100%.

Modern and spacious

With its bright and typical Hyster yellow color and optional LED lighting around, the XT looks neatly. The entrance is spacious and equipped with a comfortable rubber grip. The base plate is very spacious and free of obstacles. The rubber floor mat is thinner than on the Fortens and is not very well attached to the floor. When boarding there is a chance that the edge of the mat folds by means of the shoe sole.
The position behind the step less adjustable steering wheel is good, but the amount of possible adjustment is rather poor. The instrumentation is also basic and shows the mean indications for motor control and functions such as hour meter and clock. Optionally available are a speedometer with limiter and an indication of the load weight.
The mast functions are controlled by conventional mechanical levers. They are neatly within reach of the right arm and properly spaced. Even the fourth function is prepared, both the valve as the connection in the mast. Thanks to the good arrangement of the levers, it is perfectly possible exit and enter the truck from the right side.

Predictably character

Working with the XT is extremely predictable. The three stage mast with full free lift and integrated side shift can be operated very smoothly and has a good damping on the mast sections. The loaded and unloaded lift speeds are impressive. The drive speeds and acceleration are consistent with the performance in this class. While driving straight forward the truck has a smooth and predictable character. Driving in corners and while braking, the easiness changes. This is due to the soft composition of the tires and the tolerance of the internal seat assembly. A slightly stiffer combination would do well for the total experience.
When driving and lifting the XT behaviour is exemplary. The balance of the truck is great and the view of the environment and load is good for this type of mast. The truck is equipped with a nice grip with horn button on the roof pillar for easy and safe reversing. The exhaust pipes peaks straight from the counter weight and does not block the rear view. Less positive is the warm exhaust fume and smell we sometimes experience when reversing. An upward exhaust is available, but will take some visibility when driving backwards.

Performance and consumption

On the test track the Hyster 2.5 XT scores almost in line with the average in this class in terms of acceleration, speed and productivity. Better than average are the lifting speeds and power consumption, this is up to 5.7% below the average.
The PSI LPG engine runs remarkably quiet and the powertrain is decoupled from the chassis by rubber absorbers in the mounts. The truck barely transports any vibrations to the driver.
To summarize, the Hyster H2.5 XT is this test leaves a good impression. The truck is, like the recently tested Utilev (also from Hyster group), clearly intended to be an economic alternative for a regular use and is less intended to perform on a 24/7 bases. Pluses for the XT are a modern design and improved ergonomics and functionality compared to other basic models in the market. The truck is a “true HYSTER”’ and can be seen as an uncomplicated work horse that provides all basic properties of a forklift.


  • 100% Hyster Look & Feel
  • Straightforward operation
  • Low fuel consumption

For improvement:

  • Standard tire choice
  • Fixing floor mat
  • Exhaust direction outlet


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