UniCarriers enhances ergonomics in its counterbalance trucks

UniCarriers is subjecting the control functions on its counterbalance trucks to an ergonomic redesign. The TX will be the first model available with the time-tested Ergologic joystick from May 2018.

This joystick complements the existing control options (fingertip controls, mono lever controls and mechanical levers) to provide a fourth alternative for hydraulic control. Ergologic is designed to the highest Ergonomic standards and will be offered on all vehicles in the Counter Balance portfolio in the future. Drivers can use the joystick to operate all hydraulic functions of the forklift with minimal effort. UniCarriers thus significantly improves ergonomic design in its counterbalance trucks.

Proven benefits

The joystick has already been a standard feature on ergonomic reach trucks within the UniCarriers’ TERGO series. The manufacturer is now gradually introducing its Ergologic joystick to its counterbalance truck range as part of ergonomic remodelling.
The multifunctional joystick provides the driver with a comfortable control unit featuring all the functions of a conventional operating lever. These include lifting, lowering, tilting and moving the forks sideways. Extra functions are available on levers as tilting horizontal. The movements the user makes with the joystick mirror the forklift’s actual movements, making operation highly intuitive and logical.

Improved ergonomics, greater performance

The Ergologic’s design has been optimised based on scientific findings regarding ergonomic work posture, starting from the Neutral Body Posture (NBP) which the human body naturally assumes in microgravity. Adopting any other posture while floating requires muscular effort. NASA conducted research on NBP using Skylab, America’s first space station, and later published specifications for it.
The Ergologic joystick allows operators to work in a neutral body posture, using their arm, hand and fingers in a relaxed position. As a result, strain is minimised on joints, muscles and tendons. All levers and switches can be operated with minimum finger movement. Frequent operation as lifting, is assigned to the strong muscles in the arm. As a result, users can perform repeated work steps over a longer period without fatigue. The risk of sick leave due to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) is significantly reduced. Since Ergologic combines key controls in one single operating unit, it is extremely easy to perform multiple hydraulic functions. This reduces material handling times while also lowering operating costs for employers.


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