Warehouse Truck ‘Highlifter’: Jungheinrich EKX 516k

With the introduction of the new EKX 5 series, Jungheinrich raised the bar in the segment of high rack stackers. New motor technology, a state-of-the-art control concept and lightweight design generate further improvements in the area of energy efficiency, and an innovative concept dampens mast vibrations.

The narrow aisle stacker can lift loads of up to 1,600 kg, 100 kg more than was previously the case in this segment. Maximum lifting height is 0.5 metres higher than the predecessor model at 17.5 metres.

The new EKX is the first warehouse truck equipped with a new motor technology for the intralogistics sector – the synchronous reluctance motor. These motors use the power generated by a changing magnetic resistance (reluctance). Roughly 93 percent of the energy is converted into output – thereby halving energy losses. According to the manufacturer, this further reduces energy consumption by 15 percent compared to the predecessor model. In combination with the lightweight design of the cabin, this results in significantly improved energy efficiency. The targeted energy savings of 15 percent were not achieved in the IFOY test, however. The test team assumes that consumption will be lower in daily use following fine-tuning of the control system for the hydraulic functions. This was also confirmed by a comprehensive real-world trial comparing the predecessor model with the new EKX, in which the new EKX 516 was slightly more cost-efficient and 10 percent more productive.

With the launch of the new EKX series, Jungheinrich also introduces the new, patented Floor Pro system for the dampening of mast vibrations. The system enables the user to work conveniently, safely and efficiently at heights of up to ten metres on non-optimum floor surfaces – also with an approximately 30 percent increase in speed. Floor Pro also protects the load and the truck, as it reduces vibrations and therefore the risk of damage. This in turn means less frequent servicing and maintenance. The mast movements are noticeably smoother, and the truck has a powerful feel.

When working on floors that are not absolutely flat and that are not really suitable for the use of high rack stackers, the optional Floor Pro module significantly reduces mast and cabin sway, which means the truck can also be used in a wider range of different warehouse zones.

The EKX boasts a spacious cabin and has various modules for process optimization in the warehouse. These include warehouse navigation and RFID as well as height and distance measurement.

WMS orders can be sent wirelessly to the truck terminal via the Jungheinrich logistics interface. As in the predecessor machine, the interface translates the commands and forwards the information directly to the vehicle control system. The truck is aware of its current position and the position of the next job. It automatically identifies the most efficient diagonal route, and all the driver has to do is drive off.

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