ABM Greiffenberger expands range of high-performance angular gears


ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik has expanded its portfolio of efficient angular gears for a wide range of applications in the industry. The company now offers the gears in the versions KG 62 to KG 823 with drive torques of 60 to 800 Nm. This opens up further applications for the customers.

Approximately two-thirds of the energy consumed in the German industry is in the drive equipment. The use of energy-saving geared motors therefore offers the users a considerable cost advantage. The two- or three-stage angular gearboxes offered by ABM Greiffenberger are convincing, among other things, by their high power tightness of more than 90 percent. Therefore, they are much more efficient than worm gearboxes, which have an efficiency of only 40 to 70 percent.

The special construction of the gears allows a space-saving installation and high permissible radial forces. As motor types, both asynchronous and Sinochron motors are used. An inverter can be integrated for applications in which the Sinochron motors are used. This eliminates additional interfaces. ABM Greiffenberger offers the angular gears for complex applications in a Premium motor version with extensive features such as a high degree of protection or integrated inverter. The economical medium-engine series is available for uncomplex applications.

The angular gears represent a highly flexible drive solution with a long service life and low noise running. The user has a wide range of possibilities for mounting thanks to various designs with an optimum adjustment of the electrical and mechanical drive parameters. E.g., the motor controller can be located directly on the motor or as stand-alone version. This provides more flexibility. The angular gear units can be attached to all the ABM Premium and Medium series motors.

Modern drive solutions must work reliably and precisely, especially under difficult conditions. The ABM components ensure a high dynamic and reliability even in harsh environments, such as when used in deep-freeze warehouses. The angular gears are made of die-cast aluminum. Thus they are light, durable and very corrosion-resistant thanks to their aluminum housing. Pluggable connections ensure an easy assembly and installation. The gears are compact and almost maintenance-free. This saves time and money. They are available in the KG 62 (60 Nm drive torque), KG 102 (100 Nm), KG 252 (250 Nm), KG 452 (450 Nm) and KG 823 (800 Nm) versions.


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