Altotec and Jungheinrich implement smart technology in Burgenland

T.S. Altotec, specialist in aluminium window and door systems, is developing a new production facility in Burgenland, Austria. The company is building a 17,000-square metre plant in the Pinkafeld business park specifically for this purpose, which is due to open in November 2019. The plant is equipped with the latest warehouse and automation technology from Jungheinrich.

A hall spanning approximately 60 metres in length houses a high-bay warehouse with 1,000 pallet locations and an automated small parts warehouse (ASW) with around 7,300 container spaces, among other things.
While the high-bay warehouse is operated using stacker cranes from Jungheinrich subsidiary MIAS, Jungheinrich’s first in-house developed miniload for small parts, the STC 2B1A, is used in the ASW.


At maximum acceleration, the miniload reaches a travel speed of more than 6 metres per second, placing it at the forefront of high-performance stacker cranes. In addition, the miniload uses special energy storage, known as SuperCaps, which are tailored to the handling characteristics. These store the energy released during braking and feed it back into the drive system during acceleration. As a result, Jungheinrich has succeeded in reducing the energy requirement and, in particular, the required connected load of the stacker crane by up to 25 % compared to the competition.

Warehouse management system

The warehouse processes are controlled by the Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS). Thanks to its modularity, the warehouse management software can be tailored specifically to the needs of Altotec and flexibly adapted to future challenges. “Jungheinrich has put together an impressive intralogistics package. For us, it was particularly important to have a partner like Jungheinrich by our side who can offer all the features of this automated system solution from a single source”, explains Wolfgang Pötzelsberger, Operations Manager and Assistant Managing Director at Altotec.

The delivery specification also includes conveyor technology such as goods receipt and outgoing goods monitoring as well as order picking for production.


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