Jungheinrich shows innovations to world press

During its annual press conference, Jungheinrich presented various novelties and gave attendees more insight into the vision and strategy of the intralogistics provider. Logistics Inside Europe was of course present and asked member of management board Lars Brzoska about the details. Watch the video for more information.
Among the novelties are the easyPILOT Follow, an autonomous order picking solution, the flexible SLH 300 charger, for both lead-acid as well as lithium-ion batteries, the new EZS 7280 heavy-duty tow tractor (all nominated for an IFOY Award). Some innovations are still to be kept a secret, but will be presented at the LogiMAT trade fair later this year in Stuttgart. Of course Logistics Inside Europe will keep you posted on those innovations as well.

easyPILOT Follow

With easyPILOT Follow Jungheinrich presents a new remote control unit for its low level order pickers of the ECE family. easyPILOT Follow is a semi-automated control unit that allows the ECE to follow its operator automatically. The operator wears a control unit or carries it in a pants pocket or on a belt, and is thus able to concentrate on the picking process. The ECE connected with the control unit positions itself exactly so that the goods can be set down at the right place on the fork.

The truck is always where it is needed at the picking location, following the operator as he moves forward and stopping with pinpoint accuracy. This eliminates the need for time-consuming climbing up and down as well as extended distances walking from the picking place to the truck. In this way easyPilot Follow enables error-free order picking processes and maximum efficiency in the warehouse. Thanks to UWB wireless technology, there is a 100% reliable connection between the operator and the truck at all times. That eliminates failure of the truck to respond due to visual obstacles or other sources of interference.

easyPILOT Follow can be used on all Jungheinrich low level order pickers and the remote solution is easy to retrofit for any ECE with easyPILOT preparation.
easyPILOT Follow is also an effective means for increasing safety in the warehouse. A remote control option equipped with modern laser scanners continuously checks the area in front of the truck. This allows for safe and reliable navigation and positioning in rack aisles. If the scanners detect an obstacle the truck stops.

SLH 300 Flexible charger 

The new high-frequency charger SLH 300 for lead-acid batteries and the lithium ion variant, the SLH 300i, feature a wide voltage range, numerous available options and a high level of efficiency. Produced internally by Jungheinrich the charger is an integral part of the Jungheinrich system solution. Jungheinrich thus offers its customer a total package of truck, battery and charger, optimally fine-tuned to each other and all from a single source.

Thanks to a carefully conceived range of variants, an optimum price-to-performance ratio can be achieved with the charger for every application: The SLH 300 is available from 15-320A in 24V, 48V and 80V. The charger offers maximum flexibility for users. It is available with numerous options, for example with a full graphics display or Aquamatik control. One unique feature of this control system in worldwide competition is intelligent water replenishment with a level sensor: If the water level is too low, the Aquamatik signal is activated by the charger. Water is then added automatically. This ensures a longer battery service life, which in turn lowers costs for the user.

Other advantages of the charger include easy commissioning and operation. The SLH 300 is designed modularly, consisting of a set of components including the basic type, performance modules and options. All the chargers in the series are designed for wall mounting, and four of the five chargers can also be mounted on the floor. After the light and compact chargers are fastened in place or installed, they can be placed in operation immediately. The intelligent operating concept ensures the devices are easy to work with. The LED status display is also clearly visible for from far away.

Heavy-duty tow tractor 

The new EZS 7280 electric sit-on tow tractor, with up to 28 tonnes of tractive power, is especially suitable for outdoor use at airports or the business premises of industrial companies. Thanks to its strong torque, the tow tractor has also been designed for ramp operations with heavy loads. Automatic parking brakes with roll-back protection and a hill-start assistant facilitate easy stopping and restarting on the ramp. A new 500 Ah lithium-ion battery guarantees outstanding efficiency. It is characterised by its maintenance-free operation and long service life and it offers the opportunity for rapid and boost charging. There is no longer any need to replace the battery. For especially long runtimes, a battery with up to 930 Ah capacity can be installed with an increased wheelbase.

With its compact dimensions and large steering angle, Jungheinrich has designed the EZS 7280 for manoeuvrability, even in very confined spaces. Safety is guaranteed by the use of assistance systems. The robust and weather-resistant design with KLT coating guarantees the maximum degree of corrosion protection, making the heavy-duty tow tractor suitable for all operations even in the most adverse weather conditions. This is why Jungheinrich also offers a number of different driver’s cabs, optionally available with folding and sliding doors. The interior temperature can be controlled by a heating system and condensation on windows during damp weather is now a thing of the past. The automotive-style pedal configuration and adjustable steering wheel positions ensure that any operator can handle the EZS 7280 with ease.


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