Beumer presents high-capacity systems for every industry:

Whether handling detergents, paint buckets or barrels on pallets – the high-capacity packaging system Beumer stretch hood efficiently covers all kinds of products with a highly stretchable film hood, while fulfilling the requirements that are specific for various applications.

In case of outdoor storage the goods are protected from environmental influences such as sunlight, soil and moisture. Beumer_FB_stretch hood_CeMAT_Photo 2When using a non-transparent film, the goods are protected from prying eyes. If designed as an inliner, the film hood prevents the goods from coming in contact with the transport container. In this context, Beumer Group also presents the world’s first Easy Opening film hood. Users can remove the film easily and quickly without any cutting tool.

The Beumer stretch hood A is the result of the intralogistics specialist completely redesigning its tried-and-trusted packaging system. During its development, Beumer specialists analysed various components and combined them optimally in terms of function, arrangement and ergonomics. This includes a soft-touch panel that guides the user intuitively through the machine control menu as well as material-friendly transport of the film in the machine. Its throughput is higher and its floor space is reduced by more than 40 % compared to previous types of this machine series, according to the manufacturer.


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