Cabka-IPS shows new Twistlock Box and unique pallet at Fruit Logistica

Cabka-IPS will be presenting a new version of its Twistlock Box for the first time at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, from February 8 till 10 next year. The Twistlock Box is a popular folding box that is from now on available in the dimensions of 300 x 400 mm. It complements the previous version, which is available in the dimensions 600 x 400 mm.

The Twistlock Box has already proven its worth with the innovative click lock system, which simplifies handling and enables quick locking and unlocking. This makes it much easier for users to set up and collapse the boxes. Loose and delicate products like fruits and vegetables are optimally protected. When folded, the box is only 28 mm high, permitting dense storage of empty boxes. In total, a semitrailer can carry 10,296 Twistlock Boxes, each measuring 600 x 400 – which cuts down on processing costs and reduces CO2. This is just one of the areas where the Twistlock Boxes are among the best on the mar-ket.

Unique pallet

Another new product, just waiting to be discovered at the Cabka-IPS stand, is the Euro E7, the company’s newest pallet. It brings together the best of two worlds as it offers the advantages of both wooden and plastic pallets. Thanks to its special construction the Euro E7 is a pallet unique to the market. It was designed in a way that forklift pockets, deck height and blocks match the dimensions of an Euro-pallet. This allows for the seamless integration of the plastic pallets into storage and transport systems designed for handling standard wooden pallets.
The Euro E7 can run in a conveyor system parallel to wooden pallets without adjustment problems, and serve as a shuttle for defective wooden pallets. Stoppers, light barriers and sensors in the conveyor systems must not be adjusted in addition.

The low follow-up costs (e.g., breakage, handling, transport, loss, and storage costs) of the Euro E7 and the associated high profitability are another big plus for users, says Cabka-IPS. The Euro E7 offers a long service life even with high circulation rates, fewer process downtimes, and thanks to its light weight, low transport costs. Sharp edges and wooden splinters, which can damage goods and conveyor systems, are now a thing of the past. Additionally, Euro E7 pallets retain their material value at the end of their operational lives. They are 100% recyclable and can be turned back into new pallets by Cabka-IPS.



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