Extra narrow stand-on trucks from Linde Material Handling

They are narrow and highly manoeuvrable, while also offering the utmost reliability and high load capacity: the new stand-on trucks from Linde Material Handling. Nar-rower than a Euro pallet, Linde T20 FP and Linde T25 FP pallet trucks (load capacity of 2.0 and 2.5 tons respectively) and the Linde D10 FP double stacker (load capacity of 1.0 ton) impress customers with their robustness, ease of operation and wide variety of optional convenience and safety features.

Anyone whose job involves positioning dozens of pallets on cramped truck loading areas or moving them back and forth between staging areas day in, day out is well aware that every inch counts. The narrower and more manoeuvrable the vehicle, the better. The new pallet trucks Linde T20 FP and Linde T25 FP meet this requirement perfectly. At only 720 millimetres wide, the chassis plays a major role in enabling drivers to precisely position goods. Because the vehicles are narrower than the Euro pallets they transport, damage to the trucks’ sidewalls is prevented, which would otherwise repeatedly occur when manoeuvring on the loading platform. The reduced chassis width is also a positive attribute when manoeuvring quickly in the goods receipt and shipping areas or in narrow aisles.

The Linde D10 FP double stacker can manage loads of up to 1,000 kilograms on the forks and load arms – and alternatively 2,000 kilograms on the initial lift or 1,200 kilograms on the main lift.

Fixed stand-on platform

Each of the three new models comes with a fixed stand-on platform. The driver steps in from the rear; two grab handles on the left and right and the low driver’s platform at a height of only 200 millimetres facilitate access. The vehicle’s operating environment can be adapted to the needs of the respective employee. The stand-on platform is 538 millimetres wide and can optionally be completely suspended from the chassis to provide the best possible cushioning against shocks caused by uneven ground so as to protect the driver from premature fatigue. The ergonomically shaped handlebars feature easy-to-operate control levers on either side so that all driving and lifting functions can be actuated using only one hand.

Designed for optimum visibility, the pallet trucks offer the driver an unobstructed view of the driving area and load, which helps to maintain a clear field of vision in hectic day-to-day warehouse environments. Electromagnetic, electric and hydraulic systems ensure adaptive braking that is responsive to the weight of the load, among other variables. For safety reasons, the entire floor mat is designed as a dead man’s switch: If the operator leaves the truck, it stops immediately and remains in place – even on sloping ramps.

Massive steel aprons

The chassis consists of two massive steel aprons that reach just above the ground, protecting the driver and absorbing light bumps. Together with the inwardly positioned grab handles and the centrally positioned handlebar, they ensure that the operator’s shoulders, arms and hands remain within the protective contours of the vehicle at all times. Other safety features, some of which are optional, include the Linde Curve Control (curve-dependent travel speed), Linde Speed Management (speed adjustment depending on the load on the free lift) and Linde BlueSpot (blue LED light with warning function).

The three-phase motor with 2.3 and 3 kW output, respectively, brings the pallet trucks to travel speeds of up to 14 km/h and the double stacker to 10 km/h. This opens up potential for enhanced handling performance, especially where longer distances are involved. How-ever, in order to be able to adjust to specific applications, the maximum speed of the pallet trucks can be set to 8, 10, 12 or 14 km/h upon request. The trucks also offer plenty of power on gradients: Depending on the model, gradeability of up to 13 percent when loaded and up to 20 percent without load can be achieved.

Linde Material Handling’s large product range offers many more options, including a cold storage version for ambient temperatures down to minus 35 degrees Celsius, brackets for data terminals, scanners or shrink-wrap film, a range of storage compartments and various load wheel versions. A large variety of optional equipment and modules, like a height-adjustable handlebar, castor wheels, an onboard charger and a multifunction color display are also available.


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