Hyster calls for more monitoring and controlled access

Hyster Company is encouraging forklift owners, operators and managers to boost the efficiency of their operations by analysing usage data, restricting access and controlling daily checks. “Many businesses are lacking suitable monitoring for their forklift fleet,” says Thomas Toenders, Telematics Solutions Specialist for Hyster.  “Quite often, they may not realise that they can be much more productive and save money by using data provided by an accurate fleet management system.”

Hyster developed the Hyster Tracker to provide the right balance of information and simplicity to unlock the best results for any Hyster truck. Linked to existing Wi-Fi resources or using GSM signal for data transmission, it is a modular system with three different feature bundles to suit various application requirements.
“There is a relatively low initial hardware investment and minimal disruption to get set up with the Hyster Tracker system. With low monthly fees, the return on investment is typically realised within the first year”, says Toenders.
All data collected by the Hyster Tracker system is stored on a secure online portal, HysterTracker.com.  Accessible via PC, mobile or tablet 24/7, the portal allows clear, customisable reports, tables and graphs to be viewed and created.

Wireless Monitoring

The first level of Hyster Tracker technology includes all of the essential tracking capabilities that help to effectively manage fleets of trucks and operators. This data can help to identify equipment that may be over-utilised, which may otherwise lead to increased maintenance and service costs. At the same time, it can also identify under-used equipment that could be more valuable in operation.
Hour meter, cost of operation, periodic maintenance, fault codes and impacts can all be tracked with automatic emails generated when certain faults or impacts occur, making it easier to record and review incidents and related product damage.

Wireless Access

Additional functionality on the Wireless Access plan includes operator access control.  This solution works with RFID cards to ensure that specific equipment is used only by authorised or appropriately trained operators. It also helps to manage incidents and improve driver accountability by identifying who was operating a truck in the event of a recorded incident.
To drive down fuel or power costs, the idle shutdown function can also be set to power off a truck after a pre-determined amount of time if the equipment is tracked as idle or unattended.

Wireless Verification

For the most complete telematics solution, the Wireless Verification plan also includes Operator Pre-shift Checklist Tracking which provides the quickest way to determine any issues with a truck. “Put simply, this function forces the operator to complete a series of verifications on a control panel before the equipment can be operated.  Managers can control when and how often this checklist must be completed by operators to help uphold maintenance and ensure that important checks are never missed,” adds Toenders.
In the event of any issues being identified via Pre-shift Checklist Tracking, they can be addressed immediately and resolved quickly, thereby reducing expenses and potential downtime.

The Hyster Tracker can also be used to support many other makes of materials handling equipment.


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