Hyster schowcases innovative solutions at LogiMAT 2019

At LogiMAT 2019, which takes place from 19th to 21st February in Stuttgart, Germany, Hyster Europe will present 360-degree solutions for warehouse and logistics applications, including a focus on innovative robotics solutions. In addition, a reach truck with tilting mast, particularly suited for use in confined spaces, will be on show.

Visitors to the Hyster Europe stand will be able to find out about the R1.0E-1.4E reach truck series and will be informed about Hysters innovative, truck-based robotics solutions. The robotics technology uses Balyo navigation technology, which does not require complex infrastructure changes in order to automate logistics processes. Instead, the truck-based solution maps the environment using natural features in the building.


Hyster Europe will also show electric forklifts featuring lithium-ion batteries. With no equalising, watering or cleaning required, lithium-ion batteries do not need the high levels of maintenance that their lead acid counterparts require. And of course, lower maintenance helps to reduce cost. The biggest advantage however is the ability to opportunity charge lithium-ion batteries during breaks. The ‘top up’ approach can simplify operations, as you only need one battery, not two.  In addition, over a period of years, lithium-ion may work out cheaper in the right application, with lower total battery costs.

Fuel cells

In certain applications with the right infrastructure, fuel cells may be the best power option. For example, Hyster is currently developing a zero-emission container handler for a customer in the Port of Los Angeles. The Hyster electric laden container handler entering development is intended to be powered by a Nuvera fuel cell combined with a lithium-ion battery. The model in development is expected to utilise fully integrated wireless fast charging.

Additional equipment packages

To enhance the tough range of 2-3.5 tonne capacity Hyster Fortens ICE trucks, a wide variety of solutions and customisations tailored to specific application needs are now available for 2019 models. For instance, to alert pedestrians of an approaching vehicle in busy warehouses with blind intersections or high noise environments, for example, Pedestrian Awareness Lights can be fitted to the front, rear, or both, of the trucks. Automatically activated when the truck moves, one option projects a blue beam of light on the floor indicating presence and travel direction of the truck. Other additional options include red zoning lights on either side of the truck to help indicate to pedestrians the distance they should keep from the truck.


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