IFOY AWARD 2020: Seven winners on the digital stage

The organizers of the International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year Award (IFOY AWARD) staged a Hollywood-style award ceremony on the evening before the HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days. An animation team created the flying robot “I-T20”, short for ‘IFOY Transformer 2020’, which transformed into the categories of the world’s largest intralogistics award during the ceremony. When the I-T20 ‘beamed’ the trophies to the winners, the cheers at the world premiere of the digital ceremony were great, as always at an IFOY AWARD ceremony.

“Special times require special solutions, and transformation is the key to success. This year’s award ceremony shall set a visible sign for the power of transformation. It is dedicated to the best innovations in intralogistics, and moreover to the people who logistics happen,” said the executive chairperson of the jury Anita Würmser at the award ceremony.

Intralogistics Software

Bosch Rexroth won its first IFOY AWARD with its Locator – Laser Localization Software in the category ‘Intralogistics Software’. In contrast to the systems available on the market, the localization software based on laser distance measurement uses a laser sensor to automatically map the environment, thus creating a basis for autonomous driving in intralogistics and production environments.

Warehouse Truck lowlifter

In the category ‘Warehouse Truck lowlifter’ the compact and agile Combi-CS of the Irish manufacturer Combilift convinced the jury. The pallet truck with a load capacity of one tonne and a lifting height of 2500 millimetres offers significant added value in terms of operation and safety in narrow aisles thanks to its patented multi-position tiller, thus solving a widespread problem.

Warehouyse Truck highlifter

Among the ‘Warehouse Truck highlifter’ the ESR 1000 of the US-American manufacturer Crown made the race in a strong competition. The reach truck with 1.6 tonnes lifting capacity and a lift height of 6840 millimetres impressed in the IFOY Test with its Crown-typical comfort, but above all with a 25 percent faster lowering speed and outstanding energy recovery compared to the top reach trucks on the market.

AGV & Intralogistics Robot

In the category ‘AGV & Intralogistics Robot’, the jury selected the autonomous tugger train TractEasy from the French manufacturer EasyMile. The electric tow tractor enables flexible automation of logistics processes both indoors and outdoors. With a towing capacity of 25 tonnes, it can safely drive up to 25 km/h in mixed traffic between cars, pedestrians and bicycles. Thanks to its ground clearance, the vehicle can also be used on uneven terrain or in difficult weather conditions.

Special Vehicle

In the category ‘Special Vehicle’ the SRSC45H9 of the Chinese manufacturer Sany won an IFOY AWARD. The comfortable hybrid reach stacker offers lifting capacities in the first, second and third row of 45, 31 and 15 tonnes. According to an internal Sany test, the increases in productivity are at least 15 percent higher than in the company’s own standard vehicle, and fuel consumption is 20 percent lower. The advantages are due to a hybrid system that is based on lifting and lowering the boom with the spreader.

Counter Balanced Truck

The 2.5-tonne RX 60 electric counter balanced truck of the Hamburg-based manufacturer Still, which was presented in October 2019, was the winner in the category ‘Counter Balanced Truck’. “Never before, an electric forklift truck has been so productive in the IFOY Test and such a serious alternative to combusters. With the RX 60-25 in the high-performance version, Still breaks all records and sets the bar for electric forklift trucks in this segment much higher,” the jury underlined.

Start-up of the Year

The IFOY AWARD in the category ‘Start-up of the Year’ went to Wiferion, formerly Blue Inductive, with etaLINK 3000. The first 100 percent contactless wireless charging system for industrial electric vehicles is fully operational and enables fast and flexible installation using floor plates that no longer require any infrastructure measures.

The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) AWARD honours the best intralogistics products and solutions of the year. It has established itself as an indicator of economic efficiency and innovation and is regarded as the leading innovation award in intralogistics due to its technical expertise.

The decision is based on the three-stage audit, consisting of the IFOY test protocol comprising around 80 criteria, the scientific IFOY Innovation Check and the jury test. The decisive factor is that the nominees are not compared with each other, but with their competitors’ equipment on the market. On the occasion of the IFOY TEST DAYS in February at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, a total of 16 vehicles and solutions from 15 manufacturers underwent the IFOY test series. In addition, jurors and their teams of advisors from the business world travelled to the event to assess the finalists themselves before they cast their vote. For the first time, potential buyers were also on site at the TEST CAMP Intralogistics.

The IFOY AWARD voting is carried out annually by an independent international jury of specialist journalists. The IFOY AWARD is sponsored by the VDMA’s Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association. IFOY partner is HANNOVER MESSE. Pallet partner of the IFOY AWARD is CHEP, world market leader in pooling pallets and containers. Technology partner is the battery charging specialist Fronius. The IFOY organisation is based in Ismaning near Munich.

The application phase for the IFOY AWARD 2021 starts on July 14, 2020.


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