Intralogistics Solution: Still – Heuchemer Verpackungen

The company Heuchemer based in Rhineland-Palatinate knows how packaging works. With around 430 million packages stored every year, the storage capacity at the Miehlen logistics centre of the Heuchemer Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG company had reached the limit.

In the new extension building, Still installed a new space-optimized 18-metre-high channel storage system with four pallet shuttles and two order picking stackers of the type MX-X in the high-bay warehouse and optimised the interplay of the two logistics centres. External storage facilities were closed down and the entire logistics centralized in Miehlen.

The IFOY Award-winning iGoEasy system, a combination of automated highlifter truck of the type EGV-S and an iPad as configuration and control unit were used for the flexible organisation of constantly recurring transport runs for production waste disposal and the provision of buffer supplies.

As a system integrator, Still not only planned and installed the entire system but also handled the fine tuning between shuttle, racks, conveying technology, stackers and driverless transport systems. One innovative feature is that the shuttles are equipped with sensors to detect overhangs, thereby minimizing the space between goods consignments to ensure that optimum use is made of the valuable storage place in the rack channels. This has increased the storage density for the pallets with overhangs by up to 50 percent.

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