Linde enables renting li-on battery

Renting lithium-ion batteries. This is now possible at Linde Material Handling. First only in Germany and soon in other countries as well. Flexibility and reliability are the most important advantages for the user. In internal transport, users often have to adapt their vehicle fleet to changing circumstances. Renting batteries has several advantages, both financially and in terms of reliability. In the new rental concept it does not matter whether the Linde trucks are purchased, leased or also hired.

Flexible and staggered costs

Financial flexibility is increased by renting batteries instead of buying them. The rental amount per month is adjusted to the energy consumption. The monthly rental amount at the start of the contract is based on the expected energy consumption. If this consumption is higher or lower than expected, the rent will be adjusted.

Renting the right battery size

The correct size of batteries is important, both in terms of cost and operational reliability. When working conditions in a warehouse change, a user often notices that he needs larger or smaller batteries. Renting allows him to simply replace the batteries with the appropriate size.

Performance guarantee

Another benefit of battery rental is performance assurance. This means that Linde guarantees that the energy storage system will be optimal for the duration of the contract.

Benefit from technical developments

The lithium-ion technique will be further improved in the coming years. Upon expiry of the rental agreement, users can replace their older types of batteries with the most modern ones.

Also for existing trucks

Renting lithium-ion batteries is also possible with trucks that still run on lead-acid batteries. With the newer Linde models, lithium-ion batteries can be retrofitted. If the user is not satisfied, he can exchange the li-on battery again and fall back on the lead-acid version.



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