Logistics Hall of Fame inducts 13 new members

The motto for the 2016 voting period for the Logistics Hall of Fame was ‘Historic Milestones of Logistics’. An international expert jury honoured ‘Historic Milestones of Logistics’ between 1490 and the year 2000. In total, 13 big names from the field of transport, intralogistics, IT and insurance will be welcomed to the pantheon of the world’s most famous logisticians this year.

“The new members complete the timeline of milestone achievements in logistics and illustrate how logistics has made life better and safer over the course of time”, is how Anita Würmser, Executive Jury Chairperson of the Logistics Hall of Fame, explains the decision of the jury of international experts.

The newly elected members of the Logistics Hall of Fame 2016 are:

Franz von Taxis, Johann Baptista von Taxis: founders of the international postal system
Henry Ford, Ransom Eli Olds: inventors of assembly line production
James E. Casey: inventor of parcel services and founder of UPS
Norman Joseph Woodland, George Laurer, Bernard Silver: inventors of the barcode
Lothar Raucamp: fighter for the cooperative idea and founder of dedicated industry insurer Kravag
Gerhard Schäfer: initiator of the system concept and pioneer of storage logistics Horst Mosolf: pioneer of vehicle logistics
Frederick W. Smith: inventor of express logistics and founder of Fedex
Peer Witten: paved the way for Internet commerce and modern logistics

The official induction ceremony takes place during a gala dinner at the Federal Transport Ministry – this year on November 29 in Berlin, Germany.

Check www.logisticshalloffame.net and learn more about the new members.


Logistics Hall of Fame

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