New Hyster Tugger Train supports manufacturing applications

To help support Just In Time manufacturing applications, Hyster has launched a flexible, modular tugger train system.  Towed by the tough Hyster LO5.0T & LO7.0T tow tractors, this enables loads to be transported efficiently to and from the manufacturing line using a choice of different trollies.  

The process of delivering to manufacturing lines has evolved in order to save space and increase productivity. Rather than delivering full pallets, most applications now adopt the ‘Milk Run’ concept and deliver smaller kits for Just in Time production, while at the same time collecting empty containers. The Hyster Tugger Train System has been developed to respond to the demand for a tough, reliable solution from customers that want to improve their manufacturing line efficiency.

Different trolley types

To meet the different needs of specific applications, the system offers the flexibility of a choice of different trolley types.  This ensures that the most suitable trolley can be chosen based on what will be handled on the manufacturing line, the weight of the load, and the type of container the load needs to be transported in.
For example, the SLC Shelf Trolley is available with a choice of no shelves, a mesh cage, slanted shelving or secure roller shutter fastening, as well as a choice of two different four-shelf models.  Other options include the Platform Trolley which has four different pallet variations available and is fully stackable with the ability to load and unload on both sides.
The Gantry Trolley option offers the benefits of an electrical lift function, two-sided loading and compatibility with a transport dolly, while the Cargo Liner, which features a taxi trolley, can have either two or three storage locations for SLC dollies and also enables two-sided loading.

Complete solution or stand-alone

All internal options can be towed using either the Hyster LO5.0T or Hyster LO7.0T Tow Tractor, which offer a 5 or 7 tonne pull capacity respectively, and deliver powerful performance alongside a low cost of operation.  The tow tractors are ideal for tough operating environments, with a welded steel box construction to ensure long term reliability and durability. Adjustable performance settings and compatibility with many types of coupling also ensure that the tow tractors can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.  The Hyster Tugger Train System can be supplied as a complete solution with a Hyster Tow Tractor or alternatively as a stand-alone option.


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