Test + video: Staxx EPT15H Healthy alternative to heavy transport

Healthy alternative to heavy transport

With the Staxx EPT15H, Staxx Material Handling Equipment brings a convenient and healthy alternative to the hand pallet truck to the global market. The truck is powerful, easy to operate and easy to service. Staxx is expanding its dealer network and is looking for resellers. Even though the truck is available almost everywhere via internet sales.

Slightly larger than a hand pallet truck, but much more convenient thanks to the motorised drive and lifting pump.

Anyone who still uses a hand pallet truck for regular transport today should think twice for a better option. A manual operated pallet truck can be used safely up to a weight of 750 kg, but for heavier loads the work is actually not ergonomically justified. Both lifting and moving take up too much power and can overload the body.
This is one of the reasons why the electrically driven and also lifting version has been developed that bridges the gap between the hand pallet truck and the full size industrial electric pallet truck. The Chinese brand Staxx is following this trend and, with the EPT15H, is bringing a light, good looking electric pallet truck onto the market. Solidly built and equipped with all sorts of useful features.

48V Lithium-ion

Unlike many competitors, the Staxx EPT15H is not equipped with a 24V, but with a 48V battery. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can easily be changed as a small block with a handle. Just disconnect the mini-plug and you take it out with a simple arm movement. Thanks to the efficient brushless DC motor the energy consumption is so low that we cannot register it with our energy meter. Of course, the truck consumes energy, but in order to estimate the amount, we have to refer to the battery indicator on the handle. Based on the discharge rate, we arrive at an estimated practical deployment time of 4 to 5 hours, which is pretty good with a battery capacity of only 10Ah. If you want to work longer, simply change the battery for a fully charged one in just a few seconds. Charging the battery with the very compact charger is quick and easy, also possible when the truck is transported by a trailer or lorry.

Low self-weight

Compared to other powered pallet trucks, Staxx EPT15H combines a solid appearance with an attractive low self-weight of 122 kg including battery. Nevertheless, it is capable of handling loads of up to 1,500 kg, which is not the case for every opponent who often sets the limit at 1,200 kg. In our test we work with a maximum weight of 1,400 kg, but that turns out to be just a little too much for the small EPT. The pump motor keeps running nicely, but the load doesn’t rise by more than a few centimeters. Max Holland from Drunen, who has a small European demo fleet for these Staxx trucks, devotes this to an overpressure valve that is too tightly adjusted. We give the newcomer this advantage of the doubt, because it looks a lot like that. 

While working on our test track for electric pallet trucks, we don’t notice any problems with the heavy load that we have reduced by about 50 kg. What we do see, however, is that the Staxx shows modest performance in all tests. The acceleration with and without load, the driving speeds and the number of pallets moved per hour, everything is done in a relative peace of mind,  but with conviction. Never do we have the idea that the truck is on its limits. According to the manufacturer speeds can easily be increased by changing the controller and motor settings. In exchange for the modest speeds, you get a favorably low energy consumption and an attractive operating time.

Fast service

Where does the Staxx especially score its points? According to the Chinese manufacturer, this is due to many factors, such as the 5-year warranty on the chassis, the lack of plastic parts in vulnerable areas and the advantages of a maintenance-free, brushless DC motor. This also includes the quick exchangeability of all kinds of components. A mechanic replaces the handle within a minute, a drive wheel in 2 minutes and the lifting cylinder in 3. Even the Staxx self-built controller can easily be replaced with the help of a Youtube video if necessary. All electric systems communicates via CAN-Bus technology. The truck brakes controllably on the drive motor, which keeps it tightly in place when the handle is in the upright position, e.g. on a tailgate of the truck. The LCD screen offers an error code display which can help end users to do pre diagnosis.
If you often work in confined areas, you can also use a combination of switch movements to work with the handle upright. There is even a turtle speed position on it, if the load has to be handled with extra care.

Double-deck pallet

When working with Staxx EPT15H, we also try the penetrating power in pallets with a half or fully closed pallet. According to the manufacturer this would be an advantage and that is true as long as there is some weight on the pallet. In the case of unloaded pallets, we do not always experience the advantage of the special, angled fork tips. With some lifting of the fork, picking up and dropping off is noticeably better.
Furthermore, we experience the closed back of the forks as neat and sufficient to prevent damage to shoes and feet. The push rods for operating the tandem wheels look solid and appear to come from heavier electric trucks. The rather sharp edge between the handle and the closing cap is seen as a preventable sloppiness.


With the Staxx EPT15H, the Chinese manufacturer Staxx Material Handling Equipment is bringing a remarkable truck onto the market. It is not as productive as other trucks in this segment, but it can be used for a long time. With its lifting capacity of up to 1,500 kg, solid construction and a range of special service qualities, the truck will be particularly advantageous when it comes to total cost of ownership. Add to that the handy lithium-ion battery, the very compact charger and the presumably very competitive pricing (appr. € 1.200 for the end user) you no longer have any reason to burden the body with a hand pallet truck.

  • Solid construction
  • Easy to service
  • Additional driving options
For improvement:
  • Quality control on overpressure valve
  • Finishing drawbar edges

(Text and photos: AndersomTesting, Theo Egberts and Mark Dohmen)


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