New VGM weighing systems for Hyster reachstackers

Hyster Company has introduced two weighing systems that can be fitted to Hyster ReachStackers and Laden Container Handlers to obtain a Verified Gross Mass (VGM), as required by the recently introduced SOLAS Legislation.

The new Hyster Static and Static Plus systems are quick and easy to use, cost effective and have limited impact on container throughput. At the touch of a button the operator sets into action a pre-programmed lift cycle to obtain the VGM. Using a screen display in the cab, the ReachStacker or Laden Container Handler operator can quickly input container identification and have a time stamped VGM attached to it. VGM data can be saved to a data module or printed using an in-cab printer, and 3G or WiFi options are available on some models to deliver data to the Terminal Operating System. For maximum flexibility, the system display can show Gross, Tare and Net weights.

Whether installed to existing Hyster trucks or factory-fitted to new ReachStackers, both systems are based on hydraulic load sensing technology, offering low maintenance requirements, and comply with the OIML R51 class Y(b) guidelines.

The Static Plus weighing system is recommended for countries where ‘Legal for Trade’ regulations apply and can be used on all new and existing Hyster ReachStackers and Laden Container Handlers.  This solution is delivered in cooperation with Trimble and uses the Trimble Loadrite L2180 system. Trimble is a global leading provider of onboard weighing solutions for a wide range of applications that maximise productivity.

With Static Plus, drivers simply pick a container and lift the load for 5 seconds. There is no workflow disruption as the container weighing can occur during truck manoeuvering and the system is highly accurate with a weighing error of approximately 1% of load weight. Furthermore, custom field entries are possible, including container I.D., destination, location and more.

In addition, for countries where ‘Legal for Trade’ regulations do not apply, the Staticweighing system can be used.  With this option, drivers pick a container with the boom fully retracted which is then raised to a 25-30 degrees angle and the weight is verified within 15 seconds. The system has been specifically developed to work with most Hyster ReachStacker models that are up to five years old.


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