Powerhouse with 25 per cent more remaining lifting capacity

Clark has extended its range of counterbalance forklifts with internal combustion engines. Under the model name C80D900, the manufacturer is launching a new diesel forklift version with a load capacity of eight tons at 900 mm load center. The vehicle now takes its place in the existing C60-80 series with load capacities of six to eight tons.

Like all Clark vehicles, the C80D900 has been designed in accordance with the proven ‘built-to-last’ concept, which stands for solid, functional design with high-quality components. This includes a fully welded robust frame, a sturdy steering axle, and robust lifting gear with a solid eight-roller fork carriage with four side support rollers. The lifting cylinder and the quiet lifting hydraulics ensure gentle, low-noise load handling at lifting heights of up to 6,030 mm (with triplex uprights). And this diesel forklift also scores with a remaining lifting capacity  which is 25 per cent higher.

To achieve this, Clark has designed the forklift to be much more robust for intensive deployment with heavy loads: the vehicle has a redesigned drive axle, the frame and upright have been reinforced, and the counterbalance has been made 500 kg heavier. That means the forklift is made for tough outdoor deployment, for example in the construction industry, the building materials trade and wood processing, the metalworking industry, the paper and beverage industries and carriers and logistics companies.

The power behind the punch

The Deutz TD 3.6 l engine, developing 55.4 kW at 2,300 rpm and a maximum driving speed of up to 29.4 km/h, ensures powerful acceleration and reliable operation. The vehicle is fitted as standard with a fully automatic 3-speed gearbox (‘Power Shift’). That enables a smooth, instantaneous gearshift and safe maneuvering. Because the engine, gearbox and drive axle are all decoupled, vibration and noise are reduced to a minimum.

Like all the forklifts in this series, the standard C80D900 is fitted with low-maintenance wet multi-disc brakes as service brakes and an independent drum brake as the locking brake. This makes it possible to brake gently and sensitively. The low wear and tear on the brakes guarantees a long service life, which has a positive effect on running costs.

This forklift also scores well when it comes to maintenance. Error codes guarantee simple on-board diagnostics without any need for sophisticated service tools. When maintenance work needs to be done, the cover can be opened simply, and the service technician has quick and easy access to all the maintenance parts and parts subject to wear and tear. That means that maintenance downtimes are reduced and a high degree of availability is ensured.

Maximum driver comfort

Driver comfort begins right away when you climb on board: the driver can access his ergonomic workplace easily and safely via two large, low-level steps. The footwell is very spacious, so that the driver also has enough room when wearing industrial safety boots. The tiltable steering column and comfort seat can be adjusted individually. The driver can operate the forklift intuitively with the control levers, which are arranged ergonomically on the hood, and the driving pedals, which are in the same order as they would be in a car. Mini-levers are also available as an option. The large colour display with access to maintenance and service settings keeps the driver informed about all the important driving parameters. Easily accessible storage compartments complete the driver’s workplace.

All-round view

For a forklift with a load capacity of eight tons, the C80D900 distinguishes itself by its comparatively sleek lifting gear profile. It also has large wide-vision windows on all sides. These give the driver excellent all-round vision and an unrestricted view of the load and the fork carriage. This is made possible by the well thought-out layout of the chains and hoses on the lifting gear. To ensure good vision with triplex uprights too, Clark has fitted this truck with two primary cylinders. For work in very confined spaces and critical areas of the warehouse, safety is improved by the optional reversing camera or the new 360-degree camera system Clark SafeView@360.

On the move safely

The Clark SafeView@360 is a new 360° camera system consisting of four digital cameras, which provide the driver with a 360-degree view directly on the display of the SafeView@360. This digital camera technology is able to react particularly well to difficult light situations by dynamic adaptation of the lighting parameters. Greatly overcontrasted or undercontrasted images, for example when moving from light to dark or dark to light between outdoor and indoor areas of the warehouse, are thus prevented. With the aid of the Clark SafeView@360, the driver gets a brilliant image of his surroundings at all times. Moreover, the deployment of digital cameras enables the image streams from the four individual cameras to be converted into one common image in real time, so that the driver has a bird’s eye view of the forklift. The fork tips and the rear counterweight in particular are precisely integrated in this seamless image. Thanks to this perfect all-round view, the driver can also navigate safely and rapidly in tight, awkward situations too.

Numerous options

These vehicles are available with the Clark fork adjuster and an integrated side shifting device. For the transport of sensitive goods, hydraulic accumulators are used. A wide range of additional equipment is also available for the C80D900 diesel forklift: for example a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning, the Clark Vertical Mast System (VMS) to return the upright to a vertical position at the push of a button, an audio system with MP3, quick-release couplings, various different driver’s seats, seat belt monitoring and an orange safety belt, SE tires that leave no marks, full LED illumination and a blue safety lamp when driving forwards and/or in revers


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