Qimarox introduces standard, high capacity OEM Ringwrapper

Qimarox has released a fast and reliable shrink wrapper, which will be sold exclusively to OEMs and system integrators. This versatile ring wrapper can reliably wrap up to 100 pallets in foil per hour (optionally dustproof and waterproof). Because the OEM Ringwrapper can be easily integrated in combination with the palletising modules of Qimarox, the integration and hardware costs of final packaging lines are even further reduced. After all, similar to its palletising modules and other components, Qimarox’s OEM Ringwrapper is supplied without a control system. This allows system integrators to combine the control system of palletiser, ring wrapper and other system components in a single control unit.

Qimarox distinguishes itself from other material handling manufacturers who deliver their components with control cabinet as standard. The result of this is that each component of a packaging line from these other suppliers has its own completely unnecessary control unit, while a single control box for the entire system would in principle suffice. The Qimarox components furthermore allow system integrators to simplify the control and integration of the various components.

Like the vertical transport systems and palletisers of Qimarox, this new machine distinguishes itself through its high capacity, high quality and modular design.
The OEM Ringwrapper is a ring wrapper with a steel construction resting on four columns. The result is a shrink wrapper which is more stable and robust than turntable or rotary arm wrappers, and is therefore able to reach higher speeds of up to 100 pallets per hour. The OEM Ringwrapper is provided with a special pre-stretch system, which can stretch the film by 300%. Partly because the foil is applied under constant tension and batched, relatively little film is needed for stabilisation of the load. Because the film rotates, rather than the pallet, even the most unstable of stacked pallets can also be easily wrapped in foil.

The OEM Ringwrapper can start and stop wrapping at any height, so that stacked pallets can also be stabilised separately, for example. The special film welding and cutting system applies a double welded seam at a controlled temperature and welding time, which makes for perfectly wrapped pallets with no loose bits of foil hanging off them. This means that these pallets won’t cause problems in automated storage systems. The OEM Ringwrapper also has an option for automatically applying a cover sheet, so the pallets can be made dustproof, or even waterproof, depending on the wrapping program.

Its unique design makes the OEM Ringwrapper very easy to use and maintain and relatively cheap. The optional automatic system for the exchange of film rolls helps avoid unnecessary downtime of the machine. The modular design with as many standard components as possible makes it easy to repair or replace parts. Because the OEM Ringwrapper is a standardised machine that is produced in series, the production costs and therefore also the purchase costs are low in comparison with similar shrink wrappers.

Qimarox supplies the OEM Ringwrapper exclusively to system integrators and original equipment manufacturers. The machine is delivered fully wired and with sensors, motors and control software, so installation time is kept to a minimum and integration with the rest of the system (such as palletisers, palletiser robots and/or conveyors) is simplified. Of course, the OEM Ringwrapper can also be fully integrated into the Highrunner mk7, the palletiser of Qimarox.


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