Qimarox introduces improved standard OEM stretch wrapper

After Qimarox added a standard OEM stretch wrapper to its product range last year, the manufacturer of material handling components has now released an improved version of the machine. What’s new about the stretch wrapper is the patented concept whereby the tensioning arms, which stretch the stretch wrap over the products, function independently in separate guideposts.

The lack of a framework (in which the tensioning arms are traditionally connected) improves the flexibility of the design of the standard stretch wrapper. The position of the guideposts is determined in the project specifications, allowing the stretch wrapper to adapt to project specifications. This opens up the possibility of processing pallets from two different directions, allowing the machine to be used in corners. The concept is furthermore completely standardised and the machine fully modular. This makes the stretch wrapper suitable for many different projects.

Save on energy costs

The extremely compact stretch hood machine has four tensioning arms that can stretch a stretch wrap taut and pull it over the loaded pallet. When the tensioning arms release the stretch hood, the boxes, bags or other products on the pallet can no longer move due to the elasticity of the film. Because the four tensioning arms can move horizontally in two directions, the stretch wrapper can wrap any size of pallet.
What makes the machine unique is its lack of power-hungry technologies such as pneumatics and hydraulics to power the tensioning arms. Energy consumption is thus minimised, allowing end customers to save up to €3,500 on energy costs each year. In addition, the machine excels in ease of maintenance. Inspection of the machine or replacement of wearing parts can all take place at ground level, so moving machine parts are not required for service and maintenance work.

Supplied via system partners

Like all its other components Qimarox supplies the stretch wrapper to specialised and trained Certified System Partners without a control system. These system partners are thus given the opportunity to combine the control system of the machine with that of the other end-of-line packaging system components. This not only provides better integration, but also simpler control and lower investment and maintenance costs. Qimarox now has a global network of more than two hundred system partners so that each end customer is always assured of a local partner who speaks the language and knows the market.


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