RollerForks® Push-Pull saves time and money

Port Dispatch Warehouse Services in Houston, Texas, has been serving customers for more than two decades as a general warehouse. The company handles storage, transloading and repackaging for a diverse customer base. Many products are received as slipsheeted loads which must be quickly off-loaded and staged or placed onto pallets for redistribution.

Thanks to the use of both RollerForks® and a combination RollerForks®/Push-Pull, by Meijer Handling Solutions, the process moves swiftly and efficiently day after day. Single stacked palletless floor loads are swiftly off-loaded using the innovative RollerForks. When doublestacks must be separated and palletized, the combination RollerForks/Push-Pull gets the job done in about half the time it took using a conventional push-pull. This is due to the fact the hydraulic “pull function” is only needed for separating double-stacks or removing slipsheeted loads from pallets. All other functions are completed using the RollerForks alone.

RollerForks® Push-Pull is ideal for handling multiple stacked slip sheeted goods and can be used with standard pallets as well as pallet-less loads. The fork width can be adjusted to provide the best possible load stability. An improved handling speed lowers handling cycle times and cost.

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