Tenth Doosan truck for Meta-Technik Kunstoff in Hörstel

Recently Doosan Dealer HSR from Münster delivered the 10th Doosan forklift to Meta-Technik from Hörstel (Germany), specialists of manufacturing plastic components. With the new 2.5 ton forklifts, the company has taken the next step to completing the shift towards a complete electric materials handling fleet. The decisive factors for selecting Doosan were the overall package and the positive experience that Meta-Technik have had from HSR and Doosan.

“In 2014 we decided it was time to take a close look at our internal transportation”, Chief of Logistics, Christoph Kamp, from Meta-Technik begins. “Through the growth of our company also the logistics flow expanded: we took new halls into use and installed new and higher racking. The old trucks didn’t fit the picture anymore, in terms of lifting height as well as in terms of work processes and working conditions. We had to change direction.”

Convincing demonstration

Meta-nik’s fleet of LPG and electric trucks from many different brands was due to be replaced and working with our preferred supplier, HSR Gabelstaplerzentrum Münsterland GmbH, all available forklift options were explored. “A key factor was that the customer didn’t want to drive Internal Combustion forklift indoors and wanted uniformity across his entire fleet”, says Director Thomas Holthaus from HSR. “We introduced them to our Doosan brand. Although they knew the name, it wasn’t because of the Doosan forklifts. After a demonstration with a very compact 3-wheel and a stacker we gave Meta-Technik a taste of what Doosan have on offer.”
That the demonstration was a success is proven by the delivery of the 10th Doosan in a row. The forklifts are often driven outside and are equipped with comfortable cabins, with some also having a fork positioner (2000mm opening width) and telescopic forks to enable fast and easy loading and unloading of the lorry from one side, without the operator leaving the forklift cab. In addition, Meta-Technik also use high-lift stackers, 24V 3-wheel forklifts from the B13R-5 series, 48V 4-wheel forklifts from both B20X-5 and X-7 series and the bigger 2.5 ton forklifts from the B25X-7 series.

Conformity and easy operation

Head of Logistics Christoph Kamp (l.) of Meta-Technik and HSR Director Thomas Holthaus on the successful transition to Doosan electric trucks: “We are doing what we promise, that applies to Meta-Technik, HSR and Doosan”.

“The compact trucks are perfectly suitable to use around the vacuum forming machines while the bigger trucks are excellent. They’re nice and quick at the receipt of goods, fast handling of heavy moulds and our big pallets”, Christoph Kamp points out during a facility tour. “Whether it is the stackers or forklifts, everyone can easily operate the Doosan trucks. At Meta-Technik all operators are responsible for transportation, so conformity and ease of use are very important for us.” With the transition to Doosan the working conditions at Meta-Technik have changed for the better; the good seating position behind the adjustable steering column and the excellent seat reduce back injuries, and everyone experiences the electric driving as a breath of fresh air.
“The autonomy of the trucks on one battery charge has positively surprised us”, Kamp continues his story. “Simply charging the batteries at the end of the shift is sufficient, we never miss and we don’t have to worry about all the hassle with LPG bottles anymore. One time on a Friday we had an issue with a charger, but HSR solved it over the weekend and on Monday we could continue with our business as usual.”

Service and quality

Beside the good trucks, service speed and service quality are of the utmost importance for us”, explains Thomas Holthaus the quick action. “The operation at Meta-Technik simply cannot stop and the combination of the Doosan products and our short communication lines, we can offer that guarantee. Also the financing program that we offer in cooperation with Doosan is well received by the customer. What else could you want?”
The head of logistics confirms the Dealer’s statement with a head knot. “The demonstration, the good contact over the years and the right equipment on the truck, it’s all so logical, but not always that selfevident. Same as promising good quality. The Korean forklifts have proven to be very reliable. The stackers and pallet trucks are built in Germany and you can feel that quality. The decal “Made in Germany” is rightfully there.


From profile to bbq-donut

The bbq-donut consists largely of plastic components and is also partly produced and assembled by Meta-Technik as a ready-made end product.

Meta-Technik Kunstoff KG from Hörstel (Germany) is specialised in processing plastic materials for over 25 years.  The expertise lies in both vacuum forming and traditional machining of over 170 different kinds of plastic. Amongst many other products, the company produces weight-saving components for the Schmitz CargoBull trailers, various high technology components and also the special bbq-donut: a round vessel for up to 10 people with an electric motor, foldable sunscreen and a charcoal bbq on board. Thinking along with the customer is one of the most important trademarks of Meta-Technik and 140 employees contribute to it every day.


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