Warehouse Truck ‘Lowlifter’: Jungheinrich EZS 5100 + Jungheinrich GTE 312

Jungheinrich rounded off its 5-series tractors in mid-2015 with the launch of the EZS 5100. The latest addition to the series has a capacity of up to 10 tons and is the most powerful tractor in its class, thanks to the 48V/625Ah battery and a high-performance 5.4kW AC motor.

The tractor has been fitted with full suspension and modern LED lighting for maximum comfort. The lighting can be set at two different positions. Together with the Jungheinrich-GTE 312 tugger train trailers, the Jungheinrich EZS 5100 is nominated for the IFOY Award 2016.

The trailers have a maximum load capacity of 1.2 tons and were brought on to the market in January 2015. One special feature is that the trailers are not operated pneumatically or hydraulically but electrically. The platform itself is equipped with an electrohydraulic lift system. The advantage of the electrical operating concept is that the trailers can be hooked up and unhooked easily and without the risk of oil leakage. In addition, they can also be operated individually, leading to a further improvement in energy efficiency.

During loading and unloading of the trolleys, the electrical control system ensures that the trolleys already begin to roll lightly towards the operator and can then be driven to the desired point with less effort. In addition, the electrical operating concept makes it possible to equip the tugger train with curve control to automatically reduce cornering speed. The tractor then only reaches its maximum speed once again when the last trailer is in a straight line with the rest of the train.

It takes almost no time at all to get used to driving and working with the Jungheinrich EZS and the trailers. Steering is highly intuitive, the tractor is extremely quiet and moves very smoothly. The motor brake is also pleasingly predictable. The trailers are very practical, both for loading and unloading. The pedal control system is solidly designed. Loading of consignments is intuitive and robust. As soon as the stop point is reached, the trolley lifts the load, which can then be transported without any problem. During this process, the trailer train faithfully follows the tractor and can even navigate bends easily and rapidly. Disembarking is possible on both sides of the tractor, although care must be taken not to accidentally press the Emergency Stop button on the right-hand side.

The test team concludes that the EZS 5100 tractor is uniquely smooth, quiet and powerful. Operation is intuitive and easy, and the machine reaches high speeds. The GTE 312 trailers are easy to operate and, thanks to the electrical plug connectors, can be hooked up and unhooked without any problem. Loading and unloading of consignments is fast and efficient.

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