Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5t: Toyota Traigo 48 Li-Ion

Toyota Material Handling’s new version of the Traigo 48 three-wheel electric forklift truck is nominated for the IFOY Award 2016 in the category Countrer Balanced trucks op to 3.5t. The Li-ion version of the truck underwent the IFOY test, showing that the lithium-ion battery supplies more power while also using less energy. According to Toyota, this results on average in 40 percent lower energy consumption during travel and battery loading compared to the predecessor model with lead-acid battery.

The truck makes a robust impression. All the materials are extremely durable, of high quality and optimally matched. The drive control system is now more effectively protected in order to minimize the effects of vibrations, dust and moisture. In addition, Toyota has weighted the axles, and the truck is equipped with maintenance-free wet brakes.

The height of 420 mm makes for convenient entering and exiting of the Traigo 48. The space for the driver’s work boots and the anti-slip floor panel are generously dimensioned. The steering column is extremely robust for a modern forklift but is still steplessly adjustable and can be reset to any preset position thanks to a memory function.

The IFOY test truck was fitted with the optional safety and productivity package, which includes an additional horn in the armrest, integrated scales in the fork, a tilt angle indicator in degrees, and automatic speed reduction at higher lifting heights. The Traigo 48 is equipped as standard with the System for Active Stability. SAS controls and monitors speed and cornering stability, and reduces the forward – and now also the reverse – tilting speed at high lifting heights. A steering wheel synchronization feature additionally ensures that the steering wheel is always in the same position when driving straight ahead.

According to the manufacturer, the new electrical control system boosts energy efficiency by over 20 percent. Steering is easier thanks to the electric powered steering, and the unique forced feedback system automatically adjusts the power steering characteristics to the speed of the forklift. This makes manoeuvring in tight spaces far easier.

The machine is robust and feels secure. The precision setting of the motor brake renders driver braking almost unnecessary. Moreover, during the test the motor brake supplied regenerative energy accounting for up to 15 percent of average consumption. The truck is fitted with an electric parking brake for parking, above all on uphill gradients.

The IFOY test shows that the Traigo 48 is competitive in High power mode, with energy consumption well below the average. Customers who choose the Toyota-developed optimum setting (SPH) can still achieve average productivity while saving significant amounts of energy. With its 448 Ah battery, the forklift can easily manage a full shift with one battery charge. The test showed that the Traigo 48 is extremely smooth and intuitive. The mast functions are conveniently operated via mini-levers in the fully adjustable armrest, for example. The display is informative and also indicates the tilt angle of the mast.

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