Doosan and Isfort offer power and certainty for LaminatePark

14 Ton power and certainty

In between the rolling hills of the German Saarland lies Heusweiler-Eiweiler, the home ground of LaminatePark, producer of laminate floor parts and MDF semi-finished goods. The company recently replaced their fleet of heavy forklifts for four Doosan 14 tons. The choice for the switch is simple and clear: higher quality and more certainty.

Isfort and LaminatePark have been a strong combination for almost 15 years.
With the arrival of Doosan, their cooperation will be further expanded.

If you produce, transport and store products seven days a week, 24 hours a day, you want to be able to trust your internal fleet. This is also the case for LaminatePark from Heusweiler-Eiweiler. The joint venture between Tarkett and Sonae Arauco has a production capacity of 25 million m² laminate per year. For the handling of MDF semi-finished goods with lengths up to 5.6 meters and a weight of more than 10 ton, powerful trucks are needed. “We were driving around with 13 ton forklifts, but we saw an increasing demand for stronger material”, starts Head of Logistics Jürgen Bach. “The fleet was at the end of its term, so we were looking for a new, full service leasing contract. The outcome was a clear choice for Doosan and dealer Isfort from Heek.”

Look beyond the costs

The big trucks at LaminatePark got a lot of work to do with an average transport distance of 250 meters single journey from production to intermediate storage. Every load weighs between 8 and 10 tons. On top of that, the trucks also have to drive uphill towards the storage and shipping hall. The forklifts do 3,500 hours per year and move in this time together around 900,000 ton.

For almost 15 years, the machines have been supplied by Isfort from Heek. “We started here with the supply of construction equipment for the construction of new production facilities in 2004. LaminatePark and ourselves have developed a strong relationship over the years,” says director/owner Richard Isfort.

Meanwhile, the laminate manufacturer worked with Isfort on three renewals of their fleet. With each new investment round, LaminatePark request new quotes from several suppliers but the current supplier always proves to have the best offer. “We look beyond the trucks and their actual costs,” says Jürgen Bach. “The quality of service and the certainty of meeting agreements are high on our list of requirements. That’s the strength of Isfort: agreement is agreement, not possible doesn’t exist and they are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

An expanded fleet

The very complete equipment of the Doosan D140S-7 and the large lifting capacity ensure a reliable, efficient and ergonomic use.

With the offer for the youngest fleet, Isfort brought their newest partner in the foreground: Doosan. Since 2 years Isfort is a successful Doosan dealer and by now they already belong to the top dealers group in Germany. The Doosan 14 tonne trucks from the new 7 Series (D140S-7) offered even better prospects thanks to their higher lifting capacity with comparable dimensions, their modern technology, better ergonomics and higher performance.

“We see that the thickness of the MDF plates and the weight of the loads are increasing and we were really at the limit of their technical capacity with the previous trucks”, continues Head Logistics. “To be sure that Doosan would be a good alternative, we went to Lübeck with some drivers for a trial run. These test days were decisive, the drivers were unanimously impressed by the performance of Doosan. The big picture is that good, that we will also change the rest of our fleet to Doosan. In the spring of 2019 eight electric trucks from 1.8 to 5 tons, an 8 ton diesel and two pallet trucks will be added, which will bring our Doosan fleet to 15 trucks in total.”

Tailored to the application

LaminatePark, Isfort and Doosan left nothing to chance when choosing and equipping the four new 14 ton trucks, making sure they had all of the features they needed to work safely and efficiently. To prevent bending of the wide MDF packages, two trucks have a 3,500 wide fork positioner. The integrated system comes from our own Doosan factory and is optimized to get the best visibility as possible. The same applies to the masts. Instead of the three-stage versions from the past, the 14 tonners are equipped with a 2-stage mast. The excellent ratio in the cabin between headroom height and lift height meets all requirements and gives the drivers much better and safer visibility. The Doosan Zeus cabin also plays a major role in this. The roof bars are much slimmer than with the previous trucks and thanks to the front and rear view camera with steering angle indication, virtually nothing goes unnoticed.

The orange seat belt grabs your attention when you step into the cabin, invitingly ready. “We have moved away from the discussion when you do and do not have to wear your seat belt”, explains Jürgen Bach. “Door open: belt on, door closed: belt not on… Now it is mandatory because there is no other option. It works really great.”

Designed with the environment in mind

The new 14 tonners are equipped with a full cabin and lighting, a central lubrication system and comply with Euro Stage IV emission standards.

The list of equipment that Bach then mentions is equally impressive: front and rear safety light, load backrest, nitrogen damping, central lubrication, leather Grammer suspension seat with heating, climate control, extra-large skylight, extra thin but wide Vetter forks, an extra seat in the cabin for the instructor when new employees get training and Continental solid softer ride tires. Jürgen Bach: “The optional Continental tires have proven to be more stable, last longer, have more comfort and reduce more fuel consumption.”

The technical performance of the youngest Doosan trucks is of course also a weighty criterion. The low-maintenance oil cooled disc brakes, the loaddependent hydraulic pump and the Doosan DL06P engine ensure not only operational reliability, but also the best environmental qualifications. Thanks to exhaust gas reduction (EGR), the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with AdBlue and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), the trucks meet the strict Euro Stage IV requirements without the use of a soot filter.

“We are very happy with the new 14 tonners”, Jürgen Bach summarizes the choice for Doosan. “We look forward to the arrival of the rest of the fleet and we are sure that we are doing great from business technical and economical side with this full-service lease contract. After all, we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that production should not stop. That will certainly work with Doosan and Isfort.”



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