Intralogistics Solution: Crown – Jumbo Supermarkten

Jumbo Supermarkten was established in 1921 and has grown to become the largest privately owned supermarket chain in the Netherlands with seven strategically located distribution centres serving more than 580 stores across the country. From its distribution centre at Veghel, a highly efficient logistics hub, some 1.4 million ambient and fresh items are picked and despatched each week.

The market for fast-moving consumer goods is fiercely competitive, and delivery punctuality depends on smooth routines in the Jumbo order picking and distribution chain. Tests had already shown that driverless transport systems generated inadequate efficiency gains. In response to this finding, Crown designed a semi-automatic solution based on GPC 3000 order pickers and the QuickPick remote system (a past IFOY winner).

Each Crown GPC 3000 transports four roller containers. With the help of a colour coding system, the order pickers simultaneously put together articles for multiple locations. In addition, the order picking process was partly redesigned. As a result, Jumbo has made a 7.5 percent gain in productivity while considerably reducing the burden on staff. More importantly, staff reported less fatigue because they were doing less walking between the racks, the picking cages and the operator platform of the truck.

In a typical shift using a standard order picker, an operator can expect to step on and off the truck around 1,200 times. QuickPick Remote dramatically reduces this – by up to 70 percent – because the operator can position the truck for optimal picking without the need to keep getting on and off.


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