Intralogistics Solution: SSI Schäfer – NextLevel Logistik

SSI Schäfer implemented an in-house-developed fleet solution with Weasel driverless transport systems at the NextLevel Logistik GmbH company in Eltmann near Schweinfurt, Germany. Whether for containers, cartons, trays or other products of widely varying sizes up to 35 kg – at NextLevel Logistik, Weasel is responsible for all transport tasks between incoming goods, the workplaces and goods dispatch, all the way through to waste disposal.

The complete hardware and software for the system was installed and went into operation within the space of just three days. One special characteristic of the solution is the automatic RFID group reading system at the goods receipt stage. A further major advantage, from the point of view of the fashion logistics service provider active in the fast-growing eCommerce segment, is the flexibility and easy scalability of the solution: Weasel is not rail-based and can therefore be flexibly integrated in existing infrastructures. The AGV gets straight to the work stations via an optical guiding line. This can be installed in a rapid and flexible manner and may be adapted. The solution can grow together with the business volume, and seasonal performance peaks can easily be handled by using additional Weasels.

Unlike conventional AGVs, Weasel does not require complex sensor technology or control systems. Considerably reduced investment costs open new customer perspectives in terms of automated transport solutions. Especially companies and start-ups, whose business and capacity requirements can change quickly, benefit from this system since the advantages of AGVs can be deployed in new sectors.

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