New LPG engines Hyster Forklifts increase efficiency and power

New engines have been introduced on several Hyster LPG forklift models in Europe. The new Power Solutions International (PSI) engines are said to be more powerful and fuel efficient, helping to increase productivity and further reduce the total cost of ownership.

Robust, reliable and quiet, the new PSI LPG engines have been introduced following stringent testing by Hyster in several challenging applications. The engines are reported to deliver increased performance with lower fuel consumption on intensive drive cycles, compared with previous models. “Several Hyster models now lift full capacity faster than any other brand in their class,” says Robbert Wijnandts, Counterbalance Product Manager EMEA at Hyster Europe. “They provide excellent power and strength for general logistics operations through to tough manufacturing applications.”


The purpose-built LPG industrial engines were first introduced on the Hyster S2.0-3.5FT space-saving series in January 2015, with great success. The premium H2.0-3.5FT together with the new H2.0-3.0XT trucks for everyday applications will now leave the factory in Northern Ireland with the 2.4L PSI engine. The smaller H1.6-2.0FTS models will also now feature the 2.0L PSI engine.
In addition to the increase in performance, the new engines have reduced noise levels to enhance operator comfort and reduce overall workplace noise levels. Noise levels on some models have been reduced to as low as 73 dB(A) (driver’s ear measurement to EN12053) in ECO-eLo mode.

Operating modes

All trucks can be switched between a choice of operating modes. “These modes allow the truck performance to be tailored to the application and give flexibility for the same truck to do more, in peak demands, for example,” explains Wijnandts.
ECO-eLo mode offers maximum fuel efficiency with a 24%* improvement when measured in loads moved per kilo of fuel, as well as lower noise output.  The HiP (High Performance) mode drives productivity by up to 8%* with 10%* less fuel than the previous engine. Some models with the 2.4L PSI engine, also have access to the new advanced ECO mode, which provides a balance between power and fuel consumption.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits on the Fortens models include a more sophisticated cooling system with an anti-clog radiator as standard, and the added option to include an even higher capacity anti-clog part for applications where there is a high ambient temperature, or dust and debris filled operating environments. Serviceability is also improved and camshaft belts replacement intervals have been extended from 3500 to 5000 hrs. “Hyster offers customers different internal combustion engine forklifts to suit different levels of operational intensity and use,” adds Wijnandts.  “By matching the right product to the application from either the FT or XT series, Hyster LPG customers will now enjoy even greater reliability, dependability and an even lower cost of ownership.”
Power Solutions International (PSI) is a US based manufacturer which has been supplying engine systems since 1985. PSI has been a Hyster qualified supplier for a number of years, supplying and supporting high quality and class leading engine systems.

(*Based on H2.5FT truck with New 2.4L PSI Engine)


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