• Prologistik-Vocalvest

Order picking with Prologistik Vocal Vest

The ‘Vocalvest’  from Prologistik combines pick by voice and hands-free order picking without the usual headset. The headphones and microphone are integrated in a wearable vest. This is considered to be more comfortable than with a headset, which is often perceived as unpleasant. The aprox. 500 grams light Vocalvest is comfortable to wear. Two speakers with clear acoustic properties are placed on the vest at shoulder level to keep the user right between the sound range for the speech instructions and blocking out the most disturbing background sounds. The microphone has a flexible holder and can be aligned with the speaking height of each user. The Vocalvest is equipped with its own rechargeable battery, The amplifier contains an equalizer to adjust the speaker sound and to optimize the microphone sensitivity. The elastic belts with quick couplings adjust  to the users build, therefore several users can share one vocal vest. See it yourself at Prologistik, hall 27, booth B52 during CeMAT 2016.


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