Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5t: CROWN C-5 LPG

The C-5 is Crown’s first combustion-engine machine on the European market and nominated for the IFOY Awards 2016. The new four-wheel forklift with LPG engine is available with load capacities up to three tons and is equipped with an industrial, energy-efficient 2.4-litre engine with very low vibration levels.

At first glance, the C-5 looks like a true Crown: idiosyncratic, robust and accessible. Years ago, the brand was the first one with an extremely curved cabin columns offering the driver maximum space – both optically and in practice – when entering and exiting. The additional step is spacious and fitted with good anti-slip matting complete with a dirt wiper on the edge. The step could be slightly lower. However, foot space inside the cabin is genuinely huge, completely free of obstacles and equipped with a perfectly fitted thick rubber mat. Acceleration and braking pedals are well arranged and positioned. The brake is extremely wide and offers a combination of braking and inching for precision manoeuvring. This feature is designed to ensure a smoother transition between driving and inching, which is still quite abrupt. Separate pedals for braking and inching are available at no surcharge.

The optional Seatbelt-interlock on the C-5 means the operator can no longer simply climb on board and drive off without belting up. This makes Crown a leader in terms of compliance with the regulations, as this feature will be compulsory for all forklifts two years from now.

Thanks to the intelligently rounded contours of the dash and the slimline steering column, the cabin makes an extremely spacious impression. The seat is well-formed and comfortable. The steering column tilt is steplessly adjustable. A height adjustment feature would further enhance user-friendliness.

The low counterweight, the high seat, the forward position of the driver, the angled cross-struts and the open mast design ensure an excellent view.

When put through its paces on the IFOY test circuit, the C-5 showed itself to be a powerful and smooth machine. Although the inching feature takes some getting used to, the test scores were stable. Productivity is slightly better than average for this class, while energy consumption is slightly higher. It makes little difference whether the truck is operated in ‘Economy’ or ‘Productivity’ mode, and even the limitation from 20 to 15 km/h hardly makes a difference. The truck is even more energy-efficient in ‘Fast’ mode if it uses roll-out without having to step on the gas. In the view of the test team, the sound proofing could be better at full speed.

 The IFOY test team’s verdict concluded: “All in all, the first encounter with the Crown’s new ‘trump’ is a positive one. The forklift is spacious, easy to operate and comfortable. The machine has above-average power and meets the high expectations. There is room for improvement as regards the inching pedal and engine noise at full speed; a height-adjustable steering column would be ideal.”

A comprehensive test report on the Crown C-5 can be read here.

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