Hubtex unveils its latest 35 tonne platform truck

Hubtex has developed a new freely manoeuvrable platform truck, type SFB. With a platform height of only 457 mm, the vehicle has a load capacity of up to 35 tons or 70 tons in its coupled operating mode. This feature makes the heavy-duty transporter particularly suitable for the shipbuilding and automotive industry, the aircraft industry and mechanical engineering. For the first time, Hubtex designed all vehicle components to function based entirely on electrical concepts and abandoned the idea of a hydraulic system.

The platform transporter SFB is a self-propelled vehicle. A remote control system is used to steer the truck. The vehicle uses an undercarriage with a multidirectional steering system. This design allows moving heavy and bulky segments of an aircraft in the tightest spaces easily. Due to the electronic control system of the steering, driving and lifting functions, the SFB offers far better automation options than the hydraulic design.

Due to its modular design, the platform truck can be customised to suit various customer-specific requirements. Based on the vehicle’s modular principle, the customer can combine specific equipment and assistance systems.

For the first-time user in the aircraft industry, this vehicle uses a stroke of 203 mm to raise and transport working platforms. For the transport, the operator places the platform in front of the load. Then the assistance system is used to position the load precisely, semi-automatically, and within millimetres: The vehicle uses sensors to determine its position and, based on this data, computes the optimum steering geometry for the specific manoeuvre.

The exact positioning takes place fully automatically. Furthermore, numerous safety systems are available for the SFB series, e. g., personnel safety systems or protective strips.

Due to the electrical design of the vehicle, the energy consumption of the truck has been reduced significantly, says Hubtex, based on the higher efficiency of the all-electric vehicle components as compared to hydraulic equipment.


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