• Magazino Toru is intelligent pickrobot

Magazino Toru is intelligent picking robot

The Toru picking robot from Magazino moves independently in each aisle to a shelf and picks all  required individual items and stores them in its on board equipped removable shelf. Once fully loaded, the robot transports the picked items directly to a shipping station. Toru moves up close to a shelf, where it either grasps the item directly; or using its 3D camera equipped gripper. Then he pulls out a container and scans the contents until the required item is found. With the rotating lifting column, Toru is able to reach for items stored as low as 10 cm from the ground and up to 209 cm on both sides of a warehouse aisle. Compared  to manual item picking, Toru exceeds the reach of human workers by far. All picked items can be stored on the onboard shelves, so multiple items (rectangular  shaped & a weight up to 20 kg) can be picked and transported. Toru can be equipped with a range of grippers, allowing the system to adapt to a changing product range. Toru can safely interact with human co-workers  and avoids obstacles in the environment. See it yourself at Magazino, hall 27, booth C55 during CeMAT 2016.


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